What kind of real-world massive chemical attack could turn the world/large pockets, into a gas-mask society?

What kind of real-world massive chemical attack could turn the world/large pockets, into a gas-mask society? Topic: Nova researching
June 20, 2019 / By Ephah
Question: I am writing a book about the NEAR future in which gas masks are vital to survival. It would involve a past in which a massive chemical attack was let loose on the world in an attempt to manually bring forth the end of all things. This attack would need to be FAST ACTING, and it must be real or at least something that could be conceived within the next 5 years realistically. It has to be something that kills or causes fatal illness upon inhalation. The point would be to cause HIGH casualties right off the bat and force the rest into a gas mask culture. These masks would not be part of full body suits, so this can’t be something that can be absorbed through the skin. Any ideas or suggestions would be STRONGLY appreciated. Please don’t say NOVA 6 (COD:BO). Thanks for your help.
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Cindra Cindra | 5 days ago
There are many man chemicals that, if present in enough concentration in the atmosphere, would require a gas mask to prevent injury or death. The real question is thinking of some chemical that wouldn't degrade or otherwise leave the atmosphere after a long time. I always thought that mustard gas was particularly bad. The way mustard gas works is that it reacts with tiny amounts of moisture on your skin to produce, among other things, HCl (hydrochloric acid). This is produced in extremely high concentrations all over your body when enveloped in mustard gas and you essentially are chemically burned to death. Even worse if you breath it in as the burning happens on the inside of your mouth, throat and lungs. The stuff is also extremely hard to ventilate and otherwise get out of an area once its been introduced, which was why it was perfect for WW I trench war fare. I have heard a story of a chemist that was going to make mustard gas as a precursor for whatever she was researching. Despite wearing thick gloves, a breather, mask and TWO lab coats, she still was taken to the hospital for bad burns. Stuff is intense.
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Acacia Acacia
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