Bored - suggestions? Person who suggests something I like gets ten points :)?

Bored - suggestions? Person who suggests something I like gets ten points :)? Topic: Different style of writing a letter
June 20, 2019 / By Enola
Question: Yeah, so basically, it's night. I'm a teenage girl. Can't leave the house. Don't want to do anything too mindless like watching TV or something. Crafts and productive things are always good. But be specific and I'll give you the points. Not just "go do a craft". NO bored.com. Thanks :] I give people who try a thumbs-up thing anyway, so at least you get one point even if you don't win. :] While waiting, I entertained myself by finding out my elf name and all my friends'. Here: http://chriswetherell.com/elf/ These suggestions are great. Thumbs-up for everyone so far! Thanks. You guys rock! I'm very happy now and not bored at all. Thanks so much! I really wish there was a way I could give all of you (ok not ballsinu - ya perv!) the ten points. It really doesn't seem fair. Just know that I really appriciate you all helping me with my boredom.
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Cilla Cilla | 2 days ago
1. Braid your hair in the funky-ist style you can and take photos of yourself. 2. or experiment with different styles. 3. if you have a digital camera. Take a photo of something. cut the photo into 9 squares and glue it to an unused greeting card and write a letter to someone and ask them to figure out the photo. 4. Re organize your room 5. If you have the energy re organized the family room 6. Stand on your head the blood flow may help you think of something. 7. Sit on the couch quietly with your eyes closed and imagine where you want to be doing in 5 years. Write it down, save it and look back on it in 5 years. 8. thats all i have, get busy, missy
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Cilla Originally Answered: Im bored im a sick person tht is bored?
watch t.v. listen to an ipod read a book do some homework. haha. if your a nerd. rent a moive internet!

Azure Azure
I'm in the same boat so I'll tell you what I'm doing!! haha I'm looking around online at all the clothes I'll never be able to afford and I'm listening to some new music that I found on Itunes. If you go to Itunes it's cool to check out the selection that they pick for you because they really do a good job. Also, you could go and paint your nails. I love doing that. Hmm you could learn how to do something new like french braid someone hair or your own. Or you could go to one of those online pyshics or look at your horoscope. I think if you find things to do online you'll have a good time! :)
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Abital Abital
I am not sure how your summers go however now is the time to think about some of the things you will be wanting to do. write out your aspirations for the summer. create a calender are you thinking of a new adventure work out a strategy to follow . Write up a plan for fiances have your ideas and plans at hand for weekly check in to see if you are meeting your personal aspirations. Will the family vacation or goals of anther be in conflict with your plan? All good things to know.. any spiritual adventures take inventory. is there a locale class you will be interested in exploring? Check park and recreation,art museums. Mall shows. (our malls list all acitvties on there website) like fashion shows and art shows etc... Idea journal for your hobby/activities......as we grow in our hobby's, planning our time for fun we will want to be aware of new activities in our hobby/activities. I guess my point is its time to plan and get excited about the spring and summer time... And if in school take inventory and ask myself am I ready to end the year?
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Swithun Swithun
Can I suggest quite a few? I get bored pretty easy so I like to have a wide variety of things that can keep me occupied. *Crocheting is one of my favorites, and I have gotten some really nice patterns here... there are so many sites that give out free patterns. http://www.freevintagecrochet.com/index.... If you would like to learn how to crochet then you can check out this site http://www.crochetcabana.com/index.htm *Cross-stitching is another of my favorites. It is very inexpensive and it is easy to learn as well. Here is a site where they sell cross-stitch kits and things.. http://www.everythingcrossstitch.com/def... *General crafting of any sort is great! Sites like... http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/crafts http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/crafting/ have great crafting ideas on any subject imaginable nearly. Hope you find something you enjoy! It could be something you could pass on to your own daughter maybe someday :)
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Patrick Patrick
i was bored once, i went out bought painting kit, 4 brushes, 8 different color oil paints in tubes like toothpaste, i bought ready made canvas, now i do a painting about every week, you can buy books that will give you guide to beginner painting, another hobby i have is fossicking for gemstones along river banks be surprised what one can find there check this site http://groups.msn.com/AustralianGemstones/messageboard
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Patrick Originally Answered: Bored, any suggestions?:)?
Oh, I have a couple of YouTube videos you should watch! Search up Thai Life Commercial. WARNING: it will make you cry! Worst Choir Ever. A lot of Jacksfilms's videos are funny. Kevin the Cashier. (This guy is a master troll). Olympic Figure Farting 2014 (I usually don't like immature jokes like farting but... lol) Quirkology has a couple of interactive videos that are mind-blowing o.o ~~~ Clumsy Ninja is a fun free well made app! ~~~ Blogthings is a site full of personality quizes you can take! ~~ Hope I helped!

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