Help with deciphering the vagueness of this assignment?

Help with deciphering the vagueness of this assignment? Topic: Help with writing assignment
July 19, 2019 / By Emily
Question: Here is what my professor wrote, I'll explain my confusion at the bottom... Describe and defend your "world view". In writing this, consider the following points... 1. Concise explanation of your view of the world and your place in it 2. how you came to your present world view, what events or social groups helped shape your "world view", positive or negative 3. examine the possible relationship between your "world view" and any political, religious or moral positions that you currently hold. how does your "world view" determine your ideological or spiritual positions and beliefs? So here's my dilemma. I understand "world view" to *be* political and/or religious beliefs, not to be something independent of them and "possibly" related to them. help please
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Chrystal Chrystal | 6 days ago
I think a question like this one has to be vague, because in very many ways the answers select themselves for the person writing. I think what your professor is looking for here, more than anything else is consistency between what your views are and how you justify arriving at them. What your views are do not matter, but the process that forged them, and how you reasoned that out does. Your idea of what your worldview is seems reasonable enough to me. Take what you feel comfortable with and go with that. The important thing is to evidence the process. For example, you could say: "My worldview has a strong bias towards social justice, which I have arrived at from many perspectives: 1) As a student of history, I have seen how individual groups have been scapegoated and demonised, which has resulted in tragedies from the holocaust to the inquistion. 2) Disparities in wealth between the American, European and African nations have given rise to famine and disease on an unprecedented scale. 3) I believe that all men and women have the right to the pursuit of happiness, as set out in the American constitution. 4) I subscribe to the utilitarian principle of the greatest happiness for the greatest number. These four points are examples, but the theme common to all of them is empathy with my fellow man, and I reason that social justice is a consequence of empathy, being able to put yourself in the shoes of the other" So that would be one point, backed up with the reasons why. That's the way I'd approach your assignment.
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Avis Avis
"World view" is a philosophical term. Take all you know, have read or learned, your experience, science, history -- add it alltogether and then give an explanation of what you think the world is all about -- that's your world view. Then just follow the questions and write your answers. My world view might be: we're on a globe formed from the big bang, now inhabited by many species, the most precocious of which is the human species, 8 billion strong, like parasites on the earth host, crowding out numerous other species and threatening the survival of more including our own, resultant in part from the products of our intelligence. I am one among 8 billion, trying to promote a campaign to reduce world population voluntarily while there is still time for saving the planet and ourselves. 2. I came to this worldview by watching alot of media presentations on environmental issues, etc,etc... blah, blah...
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Abigayle Abigayle
People generally come to believe that most folks world view may be influenced heavily by their associations as they pass through life. Some people gather convictions early through family and personal choices, for example spiritual, civic influences. Others contend they are without convictions as they are without sufficient knowledge and form them later as they grow older. World views, to me are decisions made by myself at some point in time, not altogether the same time about where I am as compared to what I hear on the TV or by what I hear from personal associations, clubs etc. To attach oneself to associations limits somewhat the changing of ones mind as time goes by. Although this happens you will find there are enough people who will state they are of an independent frame of mind and will make a decision when then are good and ready and not so inclined to jump on the first band wagon to come along. There are the same amount who will confirm to themselves a conviction and stick to them throughout their life no matter how time changes. I think your professor wants to know how independent of mind you are now, your world view. If not, and firm beliefs have already been established. Where, when and how strong are they, will you change your mind? Also where they may have came from, mom and dad, friends, clubs, churches, TV?. Political and religious beliefs, remember are decisions you don't have to have but we all have to live with them from our associations.
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Stu Stu
suppose again to while you had been a youngster, possibly your first unbiased ideas. what did you suppose of persons and the best way they handled you and each and every different? i could begin there.
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