How to right a good, yet effective college paper for a professor?

How to right a good, yet effective college paper for a professor? Topic: Tips for writing a good english paper
July 19, 2019 / By Emerald
Question: I'm a freshmen in college, and it's my first time writing numerous papers for many classes. Does any1 know how to or any tips/advice? help would really be appreciated.
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Christy Christy | 3 days ago
First tip: Write it, don't right it. Second tip: Anyone not any1 Write in clear, logical sentences using standard English and correct spelling.
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Unfortunately the only avenue that you can report a college professor and actually get your grade fixed would be the school. You need to go on the school website and find the procedures for handling disputes with your professors. All colleges have to have an avenue for this type of a dispute. (or post your school here and have someone find it for you). The only method other than that would be to let the grade go through and sue the school for failing to help you in your situation. However, to win this case you would have to go through your college's procedures for dealing with it.

Avice Avice
First and foremost, use the correct word. You should have written "write" and not "right." Secondly, the college usually requires you to take an English 101 class, which is usually a composition class. It helps you write college level papers. At its most basic, a college paper should have an introduction, the body (explanations and content), and a conclusion. Use a word processor. Use standard fonts, like Times New Roman or Arial, size 12. Double space each line. Use spell check, too. Also, never use the word "there" in a paper (basic essay tech lesson). Use your very best English, ideas, and be sure your explanation is clear and concise. Do your very best and good luck!
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Abigail Abigail
firstly write the papers without thinking of mistakes so you get your main points across. after you're done, do something else; another paper hw etc so that will keep your mind fresh when you see the paper again. you will be able tp point out mistakes better in that sense. have three other people revise it. make sure that you write it in a way that a stranger to the subject will be able to understand. revising is the main thing about this. if you get it revised from other people, make sure you ask them what your strongest and weakest parts are. then what can you do to improve yourself as a whole. i would go to my professor to ask them about those things as well; show your papers rough drafts before you hand them if you can. if not, you can show other professors as well or other students who take the class or used to.
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Stewart Stewart
First learn the difference between rite, right and write. Next, do not use any text message talk, like "any 1" in place of "anyone" Learn to use capitalization properly. And you are not a plural person. You are a "freshman".
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