Do yo think anyone would be interested in a yard sale guide book written from a Christian perspective?

Do yo think anyone would be interested in a yard sale guide book written from a Christian perspective? Topic: How to write a book fast
July 19, 2019 / By Emeline
Question: I've had several successful yard sales (I just finished one today as a matter of fact) and I feel that one of the reasons that I do so well is because my goal isn't to make tons of money, it's to help people out (selling good stuff cheap, giving things away, etc). The funny thing is with my approach, I alwats make a ton of money too! I'm considering writing a book called "How to have a successful Godly yard sale" to pass along my tips and advice, do you think anyone would be interested? funaholic- as a Christian, it is my desire to do everything in my life in a way that is pleasing to God, and yes, that includes yard sales! And I know that this book won't appeal to everyone, but do you think it would be successful say at a Christian book store? annie- I would never sell anything unhealthy to anyone's state of mind either (we have a tiny 2 bedroom house with 3 kiddos so it fills up fast making it a necessity to get rid of anything that is outgrown, or the kids have lost interest in, etc.)
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Best Answers: Do yo think anyone would be interested in a yard sale guide book written from a Christian perspective?

Christine Christine | 1 day ago
Sure, why not. We are to do all things for God. If you can help someone do something like this, something practical, go for it. You will have a limited audience, but I think if you do it for the same reasons as you do your yard sales (to help people out), God just may bless you the same way. Maybe even consider expanding the idea, not just yard sales but other small, "domestic" business ventures as well. Branch out a little bit and have a larger audience. There is an "Idiot's" guide for everything, why not a Christian guide? Go for it.
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Christine Originally Answered: Where is the guide book to life? Why hasn't anyone written it yet?
I think that point is that everyone is different and needs another way to figure out who they are and what they want to do and how they will do it. One person can not possibly figure out how a life should go and what to do with each problem you some across.

Aveline Aveline
Isn't the object of every yardsale to sell good stuff cheap and give things away? Christian book stores are already filled with such claptrap. Instead, why don't you volunteer at your local soup kitchen or donate a portion of your yardsale earnings to charity? You may find some buyers in the Anne Coulter crowd, but bottom line: don't bother.
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Abia Abia
All genuine Christians ARE already written contained in the e book of existence. Luke 10:20 -- although do not celebrate in this, that the spirits are concern to you, yet somewhat celebrate because your names are written in heaven." God is the single which comes to a call who receives written contained in the e book of existence. John 6:40 4 -- no you ought to come to Me except the daddy who despatched Me attracts him; and that i'll advance him up on the finest day. the keep in mind that could concern Christians is staying there (Revelation 3:5, 22:19). .
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Stevie Stevie
that one's pretty risky. i'm a Christian and i can honestly say i wouldn't buy it. it's a garage sale and most people who understand what a garage sale is sell things inexpensive. the object is to get rid of so you don't have to haul. as far as from a Godly perspective - i never sell anything i deem unhealthy for my own family's state of mind. if i find something inappropriate - it goes into the garbage.
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Paise Paise
It's amazing what people will spend their money on, but I am sorry honey...I don't think it will be a big seller.
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Paise Originally Answered: Yard sale, what would i have to do?
Some cities require a permit to have a yard or garage sale at your house or apartment.Therefore you should check with the city in which you live or want to hold the yard sale. In the city I live in you may only hold a certain amount of yard sales at the same property about 4-5 times per year. They don't want the neighborhood to become a commercial retail outlet in a residential neighborhood. Depending on the right of the tenants your dad have in the rented portion you might have to ask permission of the tenants or at least give them notice that you plan to have a yard sale on a portion of their rented property. I hope this haas been of some use to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"

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