What should a Pitcher do before a big game?

What should a Pitcher do before a big game? Topic: Do literature reviews need a conclusion based
July 15, 2019 / By Elyse
Question: I am 14. opening ceramony is today and i want to make the season start off good for the team. how should i prepare for this? what kind of stretches should i do and what should i eat and stuff like that....
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Christiana Christiana | 6 days ago
Using visualization is very helpful. Not only can it help nerves it can also help performance. Visualize as much as possible the more details the better. See yourself hitting ,fielding,running and throwing. Obviously see yourself doing all of these sucessfully As for the stretching......From The Science and Art of Baseball Pitching (which in this section, discusses why one wouldn't want to stretch, and the literature out there that supports it), 44.4: "Running economy is actually improved when muscles are stiff. Craib, Mitchell, Fields, Cooper, Hopewell, & Morgan (1996) concluded running economy needs natural tightness in lower leg muscles and connective tissues to maximize the storage and return of elastic energy, and reduce the need for stabilizing activity. Continuing with the theme that the elasticity of muscles needs to be preserved for high performances, Jones (2002) attributed running performance to metabolism in the muscles and stiffer musculotendinous structures that facilitate a greater elastic energy return during the shortening phase of the stretch-shortening cycle. A certain level of muscle stiffness preservs the storage and return properties of elastic energy that can be used to generate energy in an activity. The contribution of elastic energy to overall muscle performance is as much as 25-40% (Cavagna & Margaria, 1966; Cavagna, Saibene, & Margaria, 1964). Nelson, Driscoll, Landin, Young, and Schexnayder, (2005) found that stretching before sprinting, slowed 20-meter sprint times. A review of data-based investigations led to the conclusion that stretching did not improve performance capability (Ingraham, 2003)." Above all have fun and keep a smile on your face. It projects confidence and and puts things in perspective. Good Luck , stay positive and go get em.
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Christiana Originally Answered: Help as a pitcher?
The best and for some people the easiest pitch to learn is the circle change. Thrown correctly, it will spin like your fastball but drop and go in on a right hander. A well thrown changeup is by far the best offspeed pitch. I doubt you have any quality instruction at your disposal, though. A CIRCLE changeup is released with a screwball-like release, in that your palm is facing third base throughout the release. I will emphasize throughout the release, because it isn't a screwball, you don't twist your wrist at the last second, it's turned from the beginning even inside your mitt. Secondly, a correctly thrown curveball is, contrary to popular belief, the safest off speed pitch. The only change from fastball to curveball is the grip and that your palm will be facing first base, which with your fingers being on top, will generate overspin. OVERSPIN. Not sidespin. That is a slider, the pitch that is extremely destructive for your elbow. I do not advocate throwing a slider until you are absolutely fully developed, and even then it's still not the best idea. Also, there is nothing wrong throwing 3/4 if that is indeed your natural arm slot. However, if the movement on your fastball is similar to a slider (away from a right hander), you need to change something because a fastball thrown correctly moves into a right hander. If it moves away from a righty, you've been throwing slider-like pitches for a very long time and your career won't last long because of what you are doing to your arm. You'll need to address that if its the case. I only say that because many high schoolers that throw from that arm angle have that problem, so I thought it may apply to you. No college, by the way, will take a kid whose regular fastball moves the wrong direction. However, you may want to stow that pitch away as a cutter. As for the knuckleball, I wouldn't spend too much time on it if I were you. However, if at some point in time you are out of baseball but you wish to get back in, if you throw a truly good knuckleball (very little spin, thrown accurately, actually darts around, correct speed which is over 60 mph) a team may give you a shot. Also a word to the wise about the splitter. You need tremendous hands to throw this pitch correctly. Correctly would be it spinning just like a fastball and actually being near its speed, not just an ephus-like pitch with no rotation. It's a very tough pitch to learn, that's why so few people throw it. (at least with any kind of effectiveness against quality competition) I said all of this assuming you a right hander. If you're a lefty, just take the opposite of everything I said.
Christiana Originally Answered: Help as a pitcher?
You are going to want a changeup and then a breaking pitch. Try adding a second type of fastball as well, cutter, 2-seam, or splitter. So 4-seam, 2nd fastball, changeup, breaking pitch. Try to get all of them to the point where you can throw them during any count. The knuckle ball is a little overrated. Team's aren't looking for people to thrown the knuckleball anymore.

Avalina Avalina
The one main stretch that I always did was where you straighten out one arm take it to the other side and stretch it with your other arm around it and stretch the straightened arm. I don't know exactly what it is called but I am sure that you have seen the pros do it. It is really great because it stretches out your shoulder which a problem pitches get quite often. GOOD LUCK! in the game
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Abbye Abbye
im 15 and id suggest you throw a bullpen session today and ice your arm tonight, have some carbs for dinner and have a high protein breakfast, run before and after you pitch
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Abbye Originally Answered: I am a pitcher ; please answer & help me out?
I also play softball and in almost all cases, the pitchers aren't as good at hitting because they spend more time working on the pitching. Don't worry about it! If they're giving you grief about your hitting, just remind them about your pitching. Not being as good at batting is 100% normal, so don't worry.

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