What is the best defense for George Milton in Of Mice and Men if put on trial for the death of Lennie Small?

What is the best defense for George Milton in Of Mice and Men if put on trial for the death of Lennie Small? Topic: Justice case search
July 21, 2019 / By Elmira
Question: My class is doing a mock trial on this and I'm heading the defense team and I need help coming up with the best defense
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Best Answers: What is the best defense for George Milton in Of Mice and Men if put on trial for the death of Lennie Small?

Christal Christal | 1 day ago
It was a merciful killing - Lenny had just accidentally committed murder, and his dependent personality, combined with his very low mental capacity would have made prison a terrible place for him to spend the rest of his life. That'll get the all-important sympathy vote for your mock trial. For the legalists, call George a vigilante doing justice in the name of the legal system. Try and dredge up a case file in which a vigilante got off the hook for killing a known criminal (this will impress your teacher as well as your classmates - that kind of background research = instant A, try a Google search for "vigilante justice" or something like that), and use it to support the assertion that George was doing the Law's job, and that his actions were justified by their support of said Law.
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Christal Originally Answered: Essay on Lennie's American dream in of Mice and Men?
Lennies American dream in the book is to have a place of security ( a farm) to live on with George (George shares this part of the dream. But Lennie wants to live on the farm and tend rabbits as he is a very sensual person and likes nice things to touch (rabbits, puppies) and taste (the ketchup). he also desires to be with someone else, which is George, in a incoherent dream of friendship. he also dreams of an ordered world with almost fairy tale ingredients ('an'live off the fatta the lan'). his obsessive part of the dream is the rabbits which he says he wants in every colour which obviously he can't have. the dream fails though because of the time the book is set in the great depression. The farm they want to buy is so cheap because it is failing and because of the economy at that time, therefore it will be hard for Gorge and Lennie to live on the farm. also the piece of land will be too small for them to have hutches with rabbits and for them to grow food. So their dream is nonsense because it wont actually work and they won't be able to have chickens and rabbits and patches of vegetables and hutches because it would be too small. also at the end of the book you can view it two different ways when Lennies aunt Clara talks to him in a hallucination when she says 'you ain't fit to lick the boots of no....', either that Lennie has self actualisation of the fact he wont be able to look after rabbits or that this is just something George has told him and he has remembered. the dream fails at the end because obviously he kills curleys wife and knows they will have to leave straight away. but it can also be seen that Lennies dream is achieved before he is shot because of the hallucination of the rabbits at the end. i hope this helps, to put this into an essay make a point and then add a quote from the book and then explain it.

Aureole Aureole
ah I did a matching exercising as quickly as making use of the commencing up of Romeo and Juliet the place there is the sword combat interior the line. you will ought to seem at his motivation. Did George intend, and for this reason plan to, kill Lennie. If he did no longer, you may argue that it substitute into manslaughter rather than homicide and for this reason costs a different penalty. you ought to additionally seem on the activities maximum appropriate as much as the killing of Lennie to be certain whether or no longer he substitute into antagonised by potential of activities to the style of degree that it the two turns right into a type of self protection or a horrendous twist of fate.
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Abbigayle Abbigayle
Of Mice and Men is a novella written by Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck. Published in 1937, it tells the tragic story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers during the Great Depression in California. Based on Steinbeck's own experiences as a bindle stiff in the 1920s (before the arrival of the Okies he would vividly describe in The Grapes of Wrath), the title is taken from Robert Burns's poem, To a Mouse, which is often quoted as: "The best-laid plans of mice and men/often go awry," though the phrase in the original Scots of the poem is "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men/Gang aft agley." http://www.shmoop.com/intro/literature/j... http://www.bookrags.com/Of_Mice_and_Men http://www.bookrags.com/notes/omam/ http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/micemen/ http://www.cliffsnotes.com/WileyCDA/LitN... http://www.novelguide.com/ofmiceandmen/i... http://www.pinkmonkey.com/booknotes/monk... http://www.gradesaver.com/ClassicNotes/T... http://www.pinkmonkey.com/booknotes/barr... http://www.awerty.com/mice2.html
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Stanford Stanford
The best defense is that he saved lives by killing Lennie and that it was the compassionate thing to do. Clearly, Lennie had prior issues and it is likely that if he had not been stopped, he would have killed again. From Shmoop/Of Mice and Men
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Owen Owen
By killing Lennie he did what was already set to happen (as Curly was on his way to kill Lennie) but in a less painful and more respectful way. It also meant no one would be in danger from Lennie's strength anymore.
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Owen Originally Answered: How does Steinbeck hint at the difficulties facing george and lennie in the opening chapter?
well how lennie is always in trouble for loving something soft either killing or destroying it the opening there running from a place they was working george is his only friend so george is protecting him there running in the opening kuz how lennie was messing with that girl i dont know if this will help you i had to do a report on this and i still have the book watch the movie after reading it will help comprehend anything

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