Does my teacher hate me?

Does my teacher hate me? Topic: Paper writing services legitimate
July 19, 2019 / By Ellery
Question: I'm a senior in high school , and I recently had my period and had really bad cramps in school I also took a pill but had no effect on me so I was in extreme pain but I was able to keep myself from crying throughout the day but during lunch it got worse so I went in the auditorium as usual (cuz it was quiet )and the teacher is thier grading papers and whatnot and she has a couch so laid on it and fell asleep which made te pain go away for a while and the bell rang but I didn't wake up until I heard the teacher come back( she left for papers or something ) then I asked for a pass back to class and she wrote in the pass that I was ill and to let me go to nurse so wen I went back to class my teacher got upset that I was late and said that it wasn't an excuse to use my period like that an that I was probably wanted to get out of community service (that's wat the class was ) so she send me nurse to get "a real pass " but i was on the third floor so I suddenly broke down crying and laid on floor cuz of pain was too much it hurt going up and going down was again was too much and a security guard helped me an called the nurse to help me and I went home and the nurse called my teacher and told her everything but u think I did anything wrong And u think the teacher hates me ? i didn't want to miss school but I did miss her class and I missed the next day and tomorrow I see her so I'm afraid of facing her, I'm shy and Its hard speaking my mind. So wat do I do wen I face her ?
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Christabel Christabel | 8 days ago
I'm sorry for you. That sounds hard. I'm a guy, so I don't have that problem. But I do a lot of bmx and I know what it's like to be in a lot of pain. You did nothing wrong. You have an extra strong period apparently and you were in legitimate pain. Wouldn't be any different if you were sick or broke something(please don't respond negatively to that. I'm not saying it's an illness). You will have to learn to deal with it(have you asked your doctor? it sounds more painful than normal?) eventually. but as long as you are trying your best and you weren't faking, you did nothing wrong. As far as facing her goes, get a note from your parents that says - (paraphrasing) you were being honest and have an extra painful period and for the teacher to call your parents if she doesn't believe the note - and just tell her the truth. If there is still a problem contact the principal or have your parents contact him. The teacher should get in trouble. Hope this helps and you get to feeling better
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Christabel Originally Answered: If u were a sub(teacher) would you hate us?
I am a teacher. I've also done some substitute teaching before, and it sucks. Substitute teaching, in my opinion, is way harder than actually teaching. Overall, as a teacher, I don't "hate" students who are lazy or rude. I know that they simply haven't been taught the right way to act. You might argue that everyone has been told how to behave for years and years, so they should "know better." But telling kids what to do and teaching them what to do are different. Most of the kids that I know that are disrespectful have parents who don't listen to them respectfully. Kids learn what they see and experience, not what they're told. Parents and teachers can both be at fault sometimes for not teaching kids by example. Unfortunately, many teachers don't understand this. Many teachers will yell at students to "BE QUIET!" This makes no sense. If the teacher is yelling, why can't the kids? Many teachers will insist that students listen to him/her, without ever stopping to listen to the students. And so on. It's even worse for substitute teachers. Substitute teachers are usually people who have very little teacher training and very little intensive experience with how to properly run a classroom. As a result, substitutes are more likely to yell, be sarcastic and insulting, not listen to students' concerns, and so on. Since no one wants to be yelled at, this makes students hate the sub, and they're more likely to misbehave. Now, should the students be punished for their misbehavior? YES! It's part of the learning process, learning about negative consequences for undesirable behaviors. But ultimately, it's the teacher's job to keep the class positive and working. Same for a substitute teacher. If the substitute teacher can't handle a class without screaming and yelling, then this probably isn't the job for them. That person should go find a different job. If you're going to feel sorry for a substitute teacher, you should be sorry that they don't receive proper training, which is why most of them suck at managing a classroom. But it really still ultimately is the teachers' fault if your class is not behaving.
Christabel Originally Answered: If u were a sub(teacher) would you hate us?
If I were the substitute teacher I would not hate your class.I would be disappointed that you not put forth your best effort out of respect for a teacher you claim to like.As a substitute teacher,as with your classroom teacher, I would not be there to be your friend, but to be there to teach you.When students choose to waste instructional time with their classroom teacher or a sub, the students are still required to complete the work.A lot of school work could be completed in class if students used their time wisely.Wasting classroom time does not punish the teacher, at the end of the day they will still get paid and the student will still have the extra homework to do.If you don't complete the assignments, you risk getting a zero.Your classroom will often leave notes concerning students who are co-operative and respectful in class.( which is a sign that the teacher considers those students mature and respectful).They will also leave notes on students who like to create chaos in the class regardless of who is teaching.Those who choose not to listen will never learn and only put their own future at risk.Why would the teacher hate the students who choose to act like fools ? Those students who have to go to summer school or repeat a level have often started off disrespectful .When one is not identified with a learning issue, why would the student want to appear to be dull? EDIT In Canada ,our substitute teachers are fully qualified and are certified teachers.They have graduated as fully qualified teachers.Due to declining school enrolments full time teaching positions are difficult to find.I feel this is probably in many areas.Sometimes the problem with a substitute teacher is that full time teachers do not leave lesson plans for the sub to use or there is alack of respect from full time teachers for substitute teachers.Administration can also be less than supportive of their sub teachers.I know someone who is a sub teacher.In Ontario, they are called occasional teachers ,probably due to the fact that almost any word prefaced by the word sub is not considered at par or equal to another.
Christabel Originally Answered: If u were a sub(teacher) would you hate us?
I have never hated any class, some get their work done and some don't, what use to annoy me is that these folk will not have good grades, not have a good job and be on benefit and blame the school and everyone else but not themselves. You will hvae a better future but sadly the rest of teh class might bully you cos the teacher does not give you the extra work etc. I suggest you go and talk to the head of year or someone you trust and see what they think.
Christabel Originally Answered: If u were a sub(teacher) would you hate us?
That's why you should try not to stand out so much as a "good student." It makes you very noticeable. It's better to sort of blend in with the crowd, but have aces up your sleeves. Act like the average student, but when it comes to tests, pwn those tests. When it comes to homework and studying and no one's looking, go crazy. That's power. If I were a teacher I would hate you guys. Cause if you guys don't want to learn, then it's a waste of energy trying to teach. I would just leave and let someone else deal with the crap. It's what any rational person would do. Then again, I'm not a teacher.

Christabel Originally Answered: DO YOU THINK MY TEACHER WILL HATE ME?
I don' think you have anything to be worried about. What you wrote about the coach was positive, and what you quote him as saying presents him as a fair-minded man. The negative quotes are from students and players, and, if you've quoted them correctly and they represent the feelings of the student body, then you've done your job. I think that you've shown how losing a coach can affect the players and the school. And, honestly, your article is a lot better than the whitewashed dribble that most school papers put out--it's fair and balanced. Good job.
Christabel Originally Answered: DO YOU THINK MY TEACHER WILL HATE ME?
Like such a lot jobs there are matters to love and dislike! I volunteer within the public tuition and am well peers with 3 of the lecturers within the tuition as good, so I listen the way it relatively is. There's plenty of pink tape with schooling, it is not nearly educating little minds, it is stories and administrative and ordering limits. There's handling tuition board price range cuts, employees cuts, and overfilled elegance rooms. And of path there may be continuously a scholar or 2 that make the exceptional academics pray for June! But relatively, why willingly do whatever when you hate it??
Christabel Originally Answered: DO YOU THINK MY TEACHER WILL HATE ME?
I think it is quite unfair towards the teacher--but it's not outright cruel. You probably should have put some more positive quotes, so it wouldn't look so biased against him.

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