Is it smart to take online courses in college?

Is it smart to take online courses in college? Topic: online cources
July 15, 2019 / By Ellenor
Question: Im having trouble fitting all my classes into a schedule that will cooperate with my work hours. if you've taken online courses before, was it easier or harder than being in an actual class? Is it just a smarter and better choice to just stick with the classroom? Thanks ♥
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Christa Christa | 7 days ago
Remain with the classroom if you can. If you do take online courses make certain in advance that your school will accept them./
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Christa Originally Answered: Could I take Online College Courses while in an online high school?
As far as helping your GPA, I don't think so, because those courses aren't technically in the same curiculum (sp?). You can take those classes online though, because I took some online during my Junior year in high school and I think that it wouldn't matter that your a Sophomore, unless your grades aren't great, cause the teachers might think taking more classes could hurt you.
Christa Originally Answered: Could I take Online College Courses while in an online high school?
If you're under 18 and don't have a high school diploma or GED you are not eligible to take college courses without first getting approval by your high school counselor/administration. You need to check with them to get info on the procedures.

Audrey Audrey
From personal experience, it depends on how far along in college you are. If you need upper level classes, then you should take them in the classroom; because you will have a more in depth look at the subject, which will be beneficial to you in your career. On the other hand, if you just need core courses, then online courses will be beneficial to you, because of your schedule. My main caution/words of advice for taking online courses is to make sure that the classes you take will transfer to the college/university that you wish to graduate from. Talk to your adviser about being a transient student. This is pre-approval from the department/school that the course will be accepted upon completion. I hope that this helps!
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Abbie Abbie
online classes are easy, usually. you have ur own schedule and tests are not monitiored. with that said goooooogle in the back ground is great.
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Abbie Originally Answered: Advice for online college. Anyone ever took online courses?
I've taken a lot of them. Some are very easy, some very hard. Just like any other sort of class. You can expect online college courses from a legit college (such as your state university) will be equal to their in-the-seat class but the online variety is delivered differently such that it may take much more of your time than a lecture class. Partly because there's nobody reading the book for you. How they work depends on the class. Most are pretty similar. You're assigned a text to read and you may have some video to watch. You discuss the readings in a message board. You either write a paper or take a test. That's about it. [sounds a lot like a lecture in-the-seat class, doesn't it?] I'm in one right now that is "read this! now take this exam" and that's the whole of it. I'm in another that wants us to discuss things in great detail with at least three message posts every day. No tests - but it has 5-10 page papers. What kills most people is procrastination. There's no set time to be in class. Nobody reminds you "you have a paper/quiz next Friday". There's no professor there to say "are you understanding this?" It's all up to you. Get behind on it and you're toast. It's also not very good for subjects you find difficult and need 1:1 help with (math for most people) and it's nearly impossible for subjects that require labs and equipment most of us don't have in our kitchen. It's fantastic for courses where the whole of the class was going to be "read this book and take a quiz" anyway. Things like literature and history.

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