Test Tube Babies Are Born Without a Soul?

Test Tube Babies Are Born Without a Soul? Topic: The show off hypothesis statement
July 19, 2019 / By Elisabeth
Question: When a man has an ejaculation what actually happens is this. When the ejaculation occurs the seman which is shot out of the body is the DNA package containing the blueprints for the body. What is unseen is at the same time what is also being transferred is the soul or spirit of the person. We are all creatures of energy, the energy which flows through us is called "kundalini energy". When a man reaches an orgasmic state, during the ejaculation not only is the Semen sent out but the male penis also at the same time sends off the essence of the spirit as well during this period. Both are shot out at the same time. If you ever took the time to notice, the male penis is shaped like an ìantennaî. This is obviously done a for reason, and the reason is that the spirit is also sent out through the penis during the ejaculation. This is the reason why "test tube" babies are born without a soul. As they were only conceived with the part of us that makes up the body, and as the insertion of the spirit was not part of the conception, this person is born without a soul (since there was no physical transfer). Do you agree with this statement?
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Chloris Chloris | 2 days ago
I agree that test tube babies are born without a detectable soul. Just like every other baby. If your hypothesis was correct, and souls were real and had any measurable effect on a person containing one. test tube babies, compared to other babies, would make it possible to obtain evidence that souls are not just something you are imagining. I await your proposal for a double blind experiment to show evidence for the existence of souls. Or do you not want to know if you are wrong? -- Regards, John Popelish
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Aubree Aubree
Cannot agree. The test tube is also shaped like an 'iantennai' by the way. not that it matters. Since this is a spiritual/relgion site -- the Jewish bible says that humans are both body and spirit that is intextricably intertwined and cannot be undone or seperated. As Harriet says here - we are souls. We cannot be soul without body and we cannot be body without soul. If you look at the root meanings of the Hebrew for each of the sylables that make up the name "Adam" - you will see that the name itself means something like: blood, earth, soul. Instead of saying Adam when you read Genesis, say "blood, soul, earth" instead. It may give you a deeper understanding of the intertwined nature that the Jewish Bible is actually teaching.
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Abagale Abagale
Is there something wrong with you? Test tube babies don't have souls!! You have one, of course, and you know all about what God has in his mind about IVF are you? Are you a geneticist? No. Any kind of doctor? psychologist? Makes perfect sense: so let me get this straight - a man ejaculates and within the semen the sould is sent along to fertilize the egg. Is that right? What about men who rape a woman - wld his semen contain a soul? because he certainly doesn't have one if he does this terrible crime. I don't have a soul - I have a brain a mind and a conscience and I wasn't even conceived thru' IVF. And what about the soul still in the body of the man who provided the semen for IVF - has he got two souls? I don't think you have thought this thru' have you? Stupid boy - telling IVF-people who are believers that they don't have a soul!!! Who do you think you are? Mo University Lec Atheist
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Sparrow Sparrow
No. The egg has something to do with it as well. When they are joined that is the beginning of soul and spirit. What does not have spirit is a clone.
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Osman Osman
LMAO..... Nope, not for a second.... LOL I also just love all the different attempts by others at trying to describe what a soul is and where it comes from. And not one has any real evidence that a soul even exists... but they are all making claims as experts... This is priceless... LMAO IMHO
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I did this same test in my Junior High School science class. I will attempt to answer it in a way in which you can understand: When the test tube is heated the materials it is made out of (in this case glass) will expand or become slightly larger due to the heat making the molecules in the material speed up. So obviously when you then put the test tube in the water it will contract or become smaller again. Now depending on the temperature difference the glass because it is quickly contracting when being placed in cold water, may smash. This is outcome 1. Number two when hot liquidated objects and cold liquidated objects come in to contact they make steam. H20 evaporated. Other than that not a great deal more will happen

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