I want to do something to let my hubby know I appreciate him. Any suggestions?

I want to do something to let my hubby know I appreciate him. Any suggestions? Topic: How to write a thank you note appreciation
July 19, 2019 / By Elinor
Question: My husband works very hard and I want to do something just to say thank you. We can't go out because we have kids and no baby sitter and he won't go out without me. I already cook him dinner every night. It would have to be something I could do at home followed by a full body massage and some lovin'. Any suggestions?
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Best Answers: I want to do something to let my hubby know I appreciate him. Any suggestions?

Chloe Chloe | 1 day ago
write a note saying how much you appreciate him and what you appreciate in him most. While full body massage etc are good, he may not understand that you are doing it to show appreciation.
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I am going to make some assumptions: Your father-in-law keeps/kept 50% of the profits he makes, and 50% goes towards company overhead. Your husband keeps 25% the profits he makes, your father-in-law keeps 25% of the profits your husband makes, and 50% goes towards company overhead, or 75% goes toward overhead. Either case a percentage of all profits goes towards the company overhead. In most cases auto expenses, advertisement, and payroll come out of company overhead. If your company is unable to cover overhead then you either have to 1) decrease the amount of expenses coming out of overhead and/or 2) increase income into the overhead. A recommendation would be to look at company costs then decrease the amount of the profits that the owners are keeping (husband & father), thus increasing the amount that goes into overhead. Set a reserve in the overhead account (one month of expenses) and after that is meet and maintained then pay bonus to the owners. Bottom line, If your husband is now in control of the company, the company will reap the benifits of the advertising. If it is old advertising, it is still an overhead of the company and your husband assumed responsiablity of the company. Your husband should also have the right to make sure that the business stays aloat and make difficult decissions that influence not only the father's pay but yours as well. The ad agency will work out a payment schedule with the company or you can try to settle for dimes on the dollar.
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Astra Astra
why dont you run him a bath with scented candles, and wash him all over, gently trickling water all over him, massage the soap into him and slowly let your hands wander under the bubbles teasing him slowly,(wear a skimpy outfit or underwear when you do this to tease him more,he can look but not touch) then when he is out of the bath do the sensual full body massage and the rest will be down to you x
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Abagail Abagail
make him a grilled cheese and let him eat it while giving you anal... it's the gift that keeps on givin
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OK, first thing to do is run a thorough virus scan, adware scan and spyware scan. Your husband just may be telling the truth in this case: there is adware that will pop up porn sites at random intervals. Second, don't discount the possibility that it is your 7yo - if it's random and intermittent (that is, it only happens once in a while), it could be nothing more than a mistyped address and an onclose() loop -- some less than reputable sites will pop up a new browser window when you close the current one down. Now, with the "other views" out of the way, let's assume your hubby is watching sex online, and is smart enough to delete his history. Assuming you use windows, the easiest way is to go to "C:\Documents and Settings\", and then to the folder that's named whatever the screen name is (or "owner", depending on your settings). Now, let's dig a little deeper... "\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\" Now, before you go any further, get the kid out of the room. Go into any of these folders. This is the stuff that doesn't get shucked when you do the Tools>Internet Options>Delete Files... Delete All Offline Content routine in IE. Right click, View>Thumbnails; then Right Click again, Arrange Icons By > Type. Now, unless your hubby uses the Run As... command with his browser, this won't tell you *who* downloaded it, it only shows whats been downloaded. Then, ask yourself if it is really a big deal is if he's looking at porn; or if he needs to be more discreet about it to ensure that your child isn't exposed to sexual images until you as a couple determine that he/she is mature enough to understand them; or if what's bothering you is that he didn't invite you to watch, too.

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