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Have you seen this? Topic: Funny paper writing images
July 15, 2019 / By Eliane
Question: What do you think? http://www.nbc.com/Video/videos/snl_1439... I think it's freakin hilarious It is Natalie Portman and she is making fun of her good girl image
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Chita Chita | 10 days ago
my friend and i saw it for the first time while pulling an all nighter (writing 10 pg papers)... and then watched it about 15 more times, all the while my room mate was getting more and more pissed off... yeah.. it's funny!
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Aston Aston
Is it truly Natalie Portman? And if so... is she making a joke of herself or is she truly being herself??? Sorry, no answers this time. Just questions back to you :-)
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