Is it ok for a HIGH SCHOOL teacher to say "you have no constitutional rights"?

Is it ok for a HIGH SCHOOL teacher to say "you have no constitutional rights"? Topic: Mla english paper format
July 19, 2019 / By Elfrida
Question: So my high school english teacher today wrote me up today for "disrespecting him". He moved me to the front of the class for talking, all I did is ask my friend to study with me for knowledge bowl because we are going to our state finals and im the team captain. Everyone else was talking and I told him that and then he told me: "You have no constitutional rights", I responded by saying I have all the rights in the constitution and he started screaming saying that you earn you rights you don't get them for free, he said "You dont have the right, to have any rights at all". After that he brought up my grade telling that my paper was terrible and that was the worst paper he has ever seen. I said it took me 2 weeks to type that 2000 word paper and he said you might as well not of done it because it was terrible. SO NOWWWWWW i probably have a detention for saying I have the freedom of speech. And for my english project he put on the paper that it looked to much like a research paper and I got a 7 out of 43 points, he said the style wasnt good, I put it in the format of what he wanted. Then he proceeded to say I didnt have a good works cited page, I had 7 works cited and they were all in MLA format which is the format he wanted. Can he say that in a public school? If you tell me minors dont have rights in school your wrong, im not a minor. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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Yay! Congratulations! I'm becoming a freshman this year, too :) Here's a list thing to answer your questions: 1. What to pack in my backpack the night before? What I usually do is pack a binder or two, definitely paper, a notebook or two (in-case they want you to write anything down, plus you could always copy down into another notebook need be), a folder or two, and of course pens and pencils. Oh, and don't forget lunch! Also, make sure to have plenty of binders, notebooks, and folders at home, too, I just think it would be a waste to pack all of it for the first day because the first day is usually when the teachers tell you exactly what you will need. Then again, it's up to you if you do want to bring more. In addition, for math it might be a good idea to have a graphing calculator for high school. Although some teachers might accept scientific calculators, at one point you maybe required to have a graphing one, especially if you are going into algebra I or algebra II. If you're going into geometry you will probably need to own a protractor and a compass which are both cheap tools that you could purchase at Staples or CVS. 2. What time to get to bed the night before? I have this same problem with not being able to fall asleep when excited (and this is a very exciting time). Well, I usually go to bed at 10:00, and I think I'll go to bed at about 9:00, since I know it wouldn't take me over an hour to fall asleep. So, if you think you could fall asleep in a half hour, go to bed about a half hour before you usually do on school nights. 3. Study tips? Well, everyone has different studying needs. For me, flash cards do the trick. Also, make sure to shuffle them each time around so you don't wind up memorizing the order instead! In addition, I find that a lot of times we will read something in class out of the text book, but I won't really get it until I read it again at home. Another idea is seeing if the text book has questions made up already, or maybe you could write up your own type of quiz to test yourself on. 4. Gym survival? Always make sure to have at least two sets of gym clothes in your locker! You may not need them, but it's always good to be safe. Plus, never forget to take your gym clothes home to be cleaned once a week. If you forget them at home, you will always have the other pair in your locker. Now onto gym itself. Well, gym is supposed to be fun. It's a class where you can talk to all your friends and just fool around. Make sure to get all the exercises done and participate in the game, and the gym teachers should like you. If you're in a class with tough bully-like people, the best thing to do is stay away. Don't hide, but don't try to get them mad, either. 5. Major exam study tips? Don't get stressed! That's the most important thing! Stay relaxed, and just review your notes from the rest of the year. 6. First day tips? Well, are you going to a school where you already know a lot of the kids? Because if you are just try to stick by them, and if you get your schedules ahead of time, you should call your friends ahead of time to see what classes you have together. If you don't know anyone in this school yet, try to look for a nice group of kids that won't let you down. It's always hard making new friends and even harder to know who to trust, but you seem like a nice kid that I would definitely want to be friends with. 7. First day outfit? Well, I'm assuming you're a guy because your user name is Timmy. Either way make sure your clothes are comfortable but not over the top. I know it's nice to dress nice on the first day, but I always keep in mind that I won't want everyone to think that I'm going to dress like that everyday. Also, always follow your schools dress code. Hopefully they give you more leeway than they did in middle school. If you live in a warm climate you could wear shorts to school, and maybe comfortable sneakers or sandals (just make sure they're not to messy). I always keep a sweatshirt in my locker because even if it's not cold outside, the school might have it's air conditioning on. 8. Since you would like to become an English teacher, I would suggest making sure to try to get into honors or even AP Language arts courses. If your school has electives it might be good to take ones in the language arts section. Good luck! I'm glad I'm not the only one excited for high school! Have fun!
Originally Answered: Is it true I lose my constitutional rights when I go to private school?
I graduated high school and all I got to tell you is enjoy it because it goes by super fast. Here are some tips I gathered throughout my high school career. 1. It's true although it's cliche but BE YOURSELF! People hate fake people so just be yourself. Being a nerd is cool. You will meet people who actually care about their future. It will get you into your dream schools. Remember high school prepares you for the real world. If you are going to be a jock and care about looks only it won't get you so far in life. 2. Make sure you go to your school’s orientation. You will meet new people and you would probably get your schedule. Also try to get a tour of the school if they don't give you one. 3. It’s good to have your own style and as you move up. Trust me! I know this kid who was a complete ref freshman year but by senior year he became scene. 4. Choose right classes and by right classes I mean try to take AP and HOnor classes only! Trust me! You don't want to get stuck with stupid people who have no future. AP and Honor classes will boost up your GPA and would look good in your transcript. 5. Focus on your grade and don’t procrastinate, that is another thing you will regret near graduation time. 6. BE INVOLVED; Join an extracurricular that you enjoy. AGain looks good in your transcript when you are applying for college. YOu want to be a well rounded person. 7. Hang with the right crowd. Don't cause a scene. 8. Study for your SAT and ACT early. You want to get a good score.

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