Poem crossword homework help?

Poem crossword homework help? Topic: Poem homework
June 20, 2019 / By Elfreda
Question: I'm doing a crossword for homework. So I have everything filled in, except 16 across. What is a poem with a refrain called? It can't be refrain because it doesn't fit. It's one of thoes ones where it is sperated from the rest. It has six letters. It's not stanza. I already have that. Also, I'm talking about a poem as a whole. Stanzas and all. My mom said that.
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3) Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare P O E T S 7) Throat Clearer AHEM 26) Partially Opened A JAR 14) What democrat and republicans do for fun? P A R T Y 20) Your online other [ dont know ] LAST LETTER IS LAST LETTER OF 26
Originally Answered: Economics Crossword homework HELP! please?
3.) Poets 7.) Ahem 26.) Ajar 14.) Party (as in the Republican or Democratic Party) 20.) ????? Starts with a R

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