Is this mono or a cold?

Is this mono or a cold? Topic: owl homework
July 21, 2019 / By Elenora
Question: I'm very lethargic( I woke up at 12 passed out at eight last night and i'm a usually night owl) but I also have a super running nose, my eyes seems sensitive, I get headaches, a cough, i have a way lower appetite, i feel totally out of it, I sneeze all the time( which i think is coming from my allergies) my throat is sore. And I had the most trouble concentrating i've ever had and just gave up on my homework(I never do that, even when im sick!) It comes in waves. I've had it for at least four days. I would usually guess its a cold, but it feels diffferent somehow. and I just now found out my friend who always share drinks with( the last time was Friday), and just share a cig with on saturday just tested positive for mono:( So Maybe I'm just have hindsight bias, but I don't know what do you think? And I know its is not just allergies, because I had allergies bad when I was a Kid, I know what it feels like and this is not just allergies.
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Cherokee Cherokee | 3 days ago
based on time frame, probably not mono. mono tends to lay latent for a few weeks before symptoms show.
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Cherokee Originally Answered: Do I have MONO?
It does sound like you are having recurring mono. Please see this site for symptoms, causes, and treatments of mono. This is from a good medical site. So please read. http://www.medicinenet.com/infectious_mo... After I answsered this a few minutes ago. I researched the reoccurence, of mono. Here is a medical site quote. The recurrence of mononucleosis does not happen generally,but in some people, the mononucleosis virus can reactivate now and again .Usually when recurring mononucleosis occurs, it's without symptoms. it is possible for the recurring mononucleosis to occur with symptoms, but unlikely. Getting mononucleosis for a second time is apparently very rare. And apparently your mono relapse usually means that you've actually developed a 'mono-like' syndrome and not actually experiencing an actual mono relapse. Per: http://www.edina.k12.mn.us/edinahigh/dep... I hope all this helps, and you feel better.
Cherokee Originally Answered: Do I have MONO?
sorta sounds like it. the only true way to know is to get that pesky blood test done. But if it is too early in the mono cycle, it wont register as positive on the test. Thats what baffled my doctors.
Cherokee Originally Answered: Do I have MONO?
the two. Mono is brought about by employing a plague. you may get it by employing kissing somebody who already has the virus of their device. yet you additionally can get it in many different procedures. I had it, and my well being practitioner stated you may get it by employing shaking palms. lol

Cherokee Originally Answered: Do I have mono or is it just a flu?
Simple solution... go to the doctor. In most cases, they take a blood test for the sample, or pricking the finger. In my case, I got it from my boyfriend at the time, who never had mono, or showed any symptoms...but contracted the germ from family. Some people are immune to the disease, so you could be one of those lucky few. But if your friend has had mono before, or still does, i'd advise you to see a doctor..and not drink after them anymore. They can't do anything except excuse you from school/work for a good while or maybe give you a steroid shot if you're weak enough, but that's better than suffering.
Cherokee Originally Answered: Do I have mono or is it just a flu?
It is possible that you have mononucleosis. The exchange of saliva is what spreads mono. It is not necessary that you have a canker sore to spread the disease although that definitely does not help. First of all, go to a doctor if you are feeling bad. The only way to know for sure whether or not you have mono is by having a doctor test you for it. Even if it is not mono, your doctor should be able to tell you what is causing you to feel so bad and he or she should be able to help. I would also suggest talking with the friend you shared a drink with. If he or she hasn't been feeling sick, then you did not contract mono from your friend if they do not have it. Good luck and feel better soon.
Cherokee Originally Answered: Do I have mono or is it just a flu?
I had something like dat but i went to check it out and they told me it kan be mononucleosis in your words mono..they took some cheek cells or some cells from my mouth..it doesnt hurt its just rubbing a q-tip in ur mouth..but yea anywys i freaked out and i asked my ex if he had it..bcuz its also kalled da kissin diease cuz its passed by ur salvia..so yeaa but i didnt have it. it was just a very bad sore thoat..im not sure wat it was kalled but u should get it checked out cuz u dont want to risk anythin gettin worse by not goin to da doctor..so good luck and see a doctor.

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