Should abortion be illegal?

Should abortion be illegal? Topic: How to write a conclusion for your personal statement
July 19, 2019 / By Eleanor
Question: If abortion was illegal what would be the penalty? Will L- I was raped before at the age of 12 around 50 times by my father. I got my period at age 11, so I could've gotten pregnant. Thankfully I didn't, but if I did I wouldn't have gotten an abortion. But that's me though.... Princess, you're argument is flawed. Because the child would be the child of a rapist or whatever doesn't mean that that child will become one his/herself. I am the child of a pedophile and rapist, I do not go around doing those things. Jenny- I am over it, just when people assume that I've never gone through something like this before it ticks me off. It is illegal to force anyone to have a surgery and abortion is a surgery. So yes, it's the child's decision, but in many states the parents and the government have to know the age to protect the child as well as other children from statutory rape. Many ab. clinics tell the young women to lie about their ages though. Anyway, I wouldn't have because at that time I thought about what if it did happen and what would I do. So yeah, just to restate, that was my conclusion. Also the reason it all stopped was because I told my mother. My mother got us out of there and we filed a police report, etc. I'm now 22 years old, I was checked for everything. But while I was getting a pregnancy test I told my mom of how I didn't want an abortion. She told me she was glad and would help me raise the child. So I had it pretty easy in the situation, my mom's awesome. Rhea, I'm sorry to have upset you so. I felt anger towards what two people said, I thought it was understandable. I just wish people wouldn't assume things about me or anyone. I felt by what Mike, I believe that is his name, said and how he wrote it that he was attacking me or something. I also wanted people to know about where I come from and what I dealt with in order for them not to assume that I have no experience or have never thought of actually doing it before. I wasn't going to tell of my personal experience, I just felt like I needed to share it in order for people to understand WHY I asked this question. When it comes to the other girl, I just wanted her to know that because you get hurt doesn't mean you will be trapped in that cycle yourself. Look, I have asked the abortion question before and though I stated my opinions on the matter I never did select a best answer. I'd prefer it that people have a choice and say in the matter themselves. Excuse me, his name was Will. I was just curious because if it was illegal than there would be a punishment for going against that law. Will, I guess you have strong opinions of the subject and didn't mean to, necessarily, come off as so hateful towards me. That just tipped me over the edge. The way you said it made me want to lash back at you. Most the women in the world have been raped. Just take that into consideration please. And what Princess said was her opinion yes, but what is was based upon is news to me. Perhaps that is your experience in life, but all I can tell you is that it's not always black and white. Not everyone who gets beat goes on to be a violent person. Not everyone who gets raped becomes a molester. By saying the opposite it hurts the victims of abuse even more. I felt as if I had to stand up for the other people on YA who were thinking,"What they hell is that supposed to me about me?" So I hope you understand WHY I pointed that one out. Please excuse the typos... So yeah, to assume that children of rapists will become one themselves makes to sense logically. I was understandably personally offended. But that's ok, your opinion. makes no sense, not to sense sorry for all the typos everyone
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Cherish Cherish | 2 days ago
YES. Abortion should be illegal, minus the rare occurance when a situation arises where the fetus or the mother or both will not survive. I admire your position on rape considering this has affected you - very brave statement. Since yours was ongoing, you could have gotten pregnant and would have opted to have it... most wouldn't. That's very admirable. Adoption is always an option, I like to say. But all these people who go on and on about abortion and rape linked together... they don't seem to realize this, but.. (and this is a fact) ABORTION BECAUSE OF A RAPE ACCOUNTS FOR ONLY 1% OF ALL ANNUAL ABORTIONS! (Check the link) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_c... Okay, so what about the other 99%? It's a sad, sad thing but the VAST MAJORITY of abortions occur as a form of after-the-fact birth control. What was wrong with birth control in the first place??? A condom? The pill? Whatever. People are careless and then use an abortion to "clean up their mess"... I wonder if they ever think about the bloody mess they left in the pan in that abortion clinic... the one that had arms and legs... the one that probably already had a heartbeat. Here's another fact: The embryo's heart begins to beat at 4 weeks after conception. Most abortions occur between 8 and 12 weeks... in other words, when most women abort their pregnancy, that life inside them had a viable beating heart, not to mention a developing brain. Here's the proof on this: http://www.guttmacher.org/in-the-know , http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/prenata... And then people say, "Well I was being careful but the condom broke!" Okay. So go take the Morning After Pill. (Not the same thing as the Abortion Pill or Abortion... infact, it will not work if the fertilized egg has already implanted into the uterine wall... again, check the link) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_contraception AND... for those who are still not convinced it's murder... click on these. (Don't worry - there are no pictures.. those are quite hard to look at - I've seen them. I've seen the videos... but I'm only including descriptive text because those images are something someone should see on their own, not because someone provides a link: they are awful.) http://www.godandscience.org/abortion/sld013.html http://www.nrlc.org/abortion/pba/pbacampaign.html ALSO... keep in mind that many pro-choicers say "the embryo is not alive..." Life, even in it's smallest cell-dividing, body developing form is life. Alive is alive. Problems arise when people begin dictating where the worth of life comes into play. The right to life gets completely disregarded and an unjust fate is justified by an invisible line drawn by humans attempting to control circumstances and mend their conscience. Think about the slaves: different subject, same concept. They were considered property and their value was lessened by those who "owned" them. Same as women lessen a developing fetus or embryo's worth by saying "just a ball of cells" etc. The creation of a baby is an ongoing process from conception until birth; one cannot draw the line at this far along or that far along between when it’s human and when it isn’t, when it's alive or isn't, when it's of value or when it isn't. Anyway, yeah.. I put some of my own opinion in at the end here... but for the most part
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Cherish Originally Answered: Should abortion be illegal?
All in my opinion, Yes. There are already acknowledged exceptions which do not constitute abortion (tubal pregnancies, pregnancies that end in the death of the mother and the child, etc). Rape exceptions are just reasons to kill the child for the crimes of a parent, I know fine people who were conceived in rape who would be disappointed to know they shouldn't live. Personal responsibility should not be something only the fathers have to endure in an unexpected pregnancy and should never have to be endured by the child. It is not our right to entertain ourselves with the murder of our children or to harvest their cells.Even the exceptions under late term (partial birth) abortions are being sidestepped by abortionists who kill the child first then take it out under the exact same procedure...THEN try to say with a straight face that anything's changed. Women were never arrested under anti-abortion laws...doctors who got rich off of them (just like they do today) were. And how many more children are abused today in our culture of death than ever were before? There are actually people who abort all female children with a particular gene just so they won't have a daughter with breast cancer. So...they kill...10-20 daughters...so one won't risk dying? I will concede that I'm disturbed at putting up a law that interferes between parents and their doctors on when to end the life of their children. But so many pre-birth diagnosis are wrong, and even if not...disabled children deserve a chance at life too I think. To "Orderley Logic": Yes, I've read it. Do you understand what you read? "Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" doesn't apply to some wiccan faerie (not that it would change it's meaning a whole lot), it referred to God in the classic understood Judeo-Christian sense.

Ashling Ashling
Abortion should NOT be made illegal. What would to have happened if YOU got raped. You was scared to tell your parents or your boyfriend that you have conceived from a rapist. A man that you hate, feared and wanted nothing to do with for as long as you lived. And apparently you couldn't get rid of the baby because of the stupid and selfish, self absorbed people who thought it was murder and preached that it is wrong? you would be absolutely broken and your world would be crushed, would it not? So, you're telling me that some cells that are forming is murder, not even in human formation yet? absolutely not. Some peoples opinions are so selfish, thinking they have the right to tell women, young and old, what they can and can't do to their bodies and to their future. Leave your life to your own. If you want to continue patronizing young innocent women into thinking they have 'sinned' or have made a mistake, then you're wrong. Take a look around you. It is only called murder if a baby is out in the world, breathing the actual air and actually formed into something human formed. A fetus are just cells, and having an abortion is removing your cells from your body. YOUR cells. Women get abortions because they can do whatever they want with their own body. It's nobody elses to tamper with. If a young mother (14) was pregnant, living off of benefits, hadn't finished school yet, not got her GCSEs, she wouldn't be in a fit state to enter motherhood, bearing in mind all the growing up she has to do herself with her hormones and mental state. Stop shoving your religion down peoples throats, because not everybody has the same religion and opinion as you.
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Zibeon Zibeon
I just gotta say you are awesome for not wanting an abortion. I work in a Pregnancy Help Center and a question I have to ask all of the women is how they feel about abortion. I get alot of women that say "it's wrong... unless you are raped." Only 1-2% of abortions are due to rape pregnancy. Whether it was a rape incident or not, to abort the baby is still to kill it. For anyone who is ever considering abortion, please study on it first. There are alot of things the abortion clinic doesn't tell you. They want to do whatever they have to to get your money. They will even do an abortion on a non-pregnant woman. Yes, that's right. They tell her it's too early for a test to show, but they can do an ultrasound. They show you a blob on the screen and convince you it's the "products of conception", i.e. baby. They ask if you want the abortion, you say yes, they say pay, you say ok, then they suction out the lining in your uterus. The only time they will let you see the screen is to show you a baby that isn't even there so they can get your money. When you ARE pregnant, they won't show you the screen just in case seeing your baby's heart beating would influence your decision. Abortion is a very risky procedure done on a woman. There are alot of problems that can occur. A woman who has had an abortion has an increased risk at breast cancer, can become sterile due to the procedure, hemmorhage, get post-abortion stress syndrome, have perforation of the uterus, and the list goes on. If anyone who reads this thinks abortion is a good thing, read up on it. See how it is done. Before you have one or a friend has one, have an ultrasound. The abortion clinic will tell you that nothing even happens with your baby until your 2nd trimester, but that isn't true. If you don't believe me, get an ultrasound before your abortion, you'll see the truth. There are alot of free abortion alternative centers. The one I work for will do free ultrasounds.
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Sloan Sloan
Should children have the right to choose if they are raped or should the parents choose? I actually do not know the legal age that you are allowed to have an abortion. I ask this becasue of the fact that you were raped at such a young age that if by any chance you may have gotten pregnant, I even wonder if you would of had a choice in the matter? I just sawan episode I believe on Oporah about a women who had her fathers child at the age of 13 and then ws kicked out of her home by her parents both knowing what had happened. She and her child are both very mentally altered now and seek alot of help! I know I am straying off topic a touch but does anyone know who would have the say so in this situation? I am sorry to hear what you went through and hope thta you are past it now. I am glad that you are past it. I could never imagine going through tht myself so young and being faced with such seroius decisions. The fact that your mother was suppotive may also be a huge factor in why you are ok now...
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Orrell Orrell
Backstreet or illegal abortions are typically done in poorer countries who don't have access to healthcare. Sometimes it is done by inserting an object into the cervix (this is were the coat hanger reference comes from.) Other times it is done by inducing trauma, kicking in the stomach for example. The problem with these types of abortions is that they very dangerous and can lead to infections which can be fatal. If anyone needs an abortion, they should go to planned parenthood and talk with someone there.
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Orrell Originally Answered: Why should abortion be illegal in every state and city?
Sorry...can't help you. I'm pro-choice. If you are having that much trouble defining your own position...as another poster suggested...perhaps you need to do your research poster on another topic.

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