I have painful athritis and im breastfeeding,home remedies?

I have painful athritis and im breastfeeding,home remedies? Topic: What is a research process pdf
July 19, 2019 / By Elea
Question: im only 25 and have a rare form of athritis i dont want to stop breastfeeding it is very important to me so i cant take any thing for it i only get flare ups every once in a while but this one has been going strong for two weeks and it is getting hard to walk im willing to try any natural remedys or ideas thanks i mean like heat or cold massage or a certain excercize not friggen pills i mean like heat or cold massage or a certain excercize not friggen pills it is psoriatic
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Cherise Cherise | 1 day ago
I have a friend with juvinile arthritis. I have done lots of research for her. I also have arthritic joints. What helped us both was a salve that is sold at the medical marijuana store - no it is not able to get into the blood stream and will not make you feel high or test positive. Another salve that worked for me is something called "pain-a-trate" by Melaleuca. I think it can be bought online possibly- and it's expensive but it really works fast. When my joints flare up I absolutely must take: 500mg GLA, 100mg Hylauronic acid, 200mg CoQ10, and sometimes glucosamine. I take the combo with an additional vitamin - Niacin 250mg cap. I get a flush and heat rush and then almost as soon as it wears off I am already feeling the effect of the Hylauronic acid lubricating my joints. I think that glucosamine is the only one that will cross into breast milk. Check with the doctor. If the pain is in your back use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and allow the heat to work it's magic. Don't burn yourself of course. Diet is very important with Arthritis. Watch what you eat, avoid night shades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, etc..). I am sure you have heard that one before. I would suggest adding pure albumin (egg whites) to your diet to help healing process near the joints. Eat fresh green leafy foods, broccoli, and avoid all spicy hot foods like jalepenios. Eat "hot" foods like chocolate (look up what hot foods are according to hispanic folklore). Avoid "Cold" foods like cabbage, iceburg lettuce, celery, etc... http://libarts.wsu.edu/anthro/pdf/Balanc... This link will help with diet understanding of the humoral balancing system of diet. You are doing really good by staying away from pills that have been chemically refined. I am proud of how you have taken the choice to naturally breastfeed, and you are giving your child nutrition that will continue the brain development and raise IQ later in life. Remember, the brain will continue to develop until age 21, the fastest period of development is before age 5. You are taking some good first steps, the pain is worth the person you child becomes, and the pain will be forgotten after the breastfeeding time is over. I breastfed my child till her 3rd birthday, she was not wanting to stop but it was needed in our case, I had the worst pain one day where I could not walk but that's all I can recall. I know the best outcome lies in the future.
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Ashlie Ashlie
It could be. Arthritis really hurts. Could be so many other things too. Mine started getting really bad and I had an MRI and it is something called Chondromalacia Patallae in which the underside of the knee cap scrubs the bones of the knee joint. OMG! It hurts.. See it could be that. Or something with tendons, ligaments etc.. Those joint formulas really do work with some ppl but not all (like me). Also, you can try this old remedy-you take plain castor oil and rub it over the joints. Crazy as it sounds it really does work--does with me over some joints. Also, soak in really warm water or put warm packs on them. Do they swell? Put some Epsom Salts in the water when you soak. But in any case.. you DO need to see a Dr to find out the cause of your pain so it can be treated correctly. These other things are just temporary fixes.. Please take care.. I know this Chondromalacia thing hurts!!! Especially when I get up and down from sitting, up and down stairs, bending them for any reason... If I walk alot.. they swell etc.... Good Luck!
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Zia Zia
I too have arthritis and the one thing you want to stay away from is cold. No cold showers or baths or cold compress. When my legs are aching to the point where it's hard to walk and hard to sleep, my husband rubs warm olive oil on my legs and massages them. This feels so good and puts me to sleep. You can also rub your aching joints with hot vinegar. This is very effective. And make sure you are not constipated to prevent aching joints. Epsom salt helps in a warm bath to reduce inflammation. These are all things you can do that will definitely have no impact on your breastfeeding since these things are done on the outside of your body. I do physical therapy in a swimming pool at my doctors office. They have the water temperature pretty warm and it really helps with the pain. So try a very warm bath and if you don't have epsom salt, you can use sea salt. It works as well. I wish I knew what form of arthritis you have, maybe I'd be more help. But good luck to you.
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Slade Slade
I'm assuning that you have spoken to your doctor about this? You have to remember that whatever you take, be it natural or not, it is going to be transmitted to your baby in your breast milk. Just because something is not chemical in origin does not necessarily mean it is safe either. I strongly urge you to go and consult a qualified herbalist before you do start taking anything, to get some proper advice.
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