What do I send in a care package to my army boyfriend in Afghanistan?

What do I send in a care package to my army boyfriend in Afghanistan? Topic: Custom paper box packaging
July 21, 2019 / By Eldreda
Question: we've actually only been together for a short time , and this is not his first deployment , but it's his first to afghanistan . what would be best to send ? what could he use ? what's allowed and not ? and how do I send a package to afghanistan ?
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Cherilyn Cherilyn | 10 days ago
Sending a package is pretty simple. Go to the post office and get some flat rate boxes (they're free). I find that the medium size is better than the large. They fit a decent amount of goodies without going totally overboard with how much you're sending. Pack the box with the stuff and seal it up. If you're sending anything with a scent (soap, body wash, etc), don't pack it with any baked goods. If you send anything liquid, put it in its own plastic bag. Fill in the empty spaces with packing peanuts, crumpled paper, or even popcorn. Seal up the box and put an address label on it with your return address as well as his address. Since he's in Afghanistan the address will probably look like this: [rank][name] company/battalion section/unit APO, AP xxxxx-xxxx (whatever the zip code is) (his address might look a bit different than that, but as long as you have APO, AP, a zip code, and the identifying unit information in the format he gave it to you, then you're fine) Then you'll need to fill out customs form 2976-A. They look complicated, but here's some step-by-step instructions (you get the forms at the post office near the labels and the flat rate boxes): http://www.skipcares.org/Tips/customsfor... Give the box and the customs for to the post office. The total cost to mail the package should be around $10 for a medium FRB or $12 for a large. You don't have to pay international shipping, as it's a military address. You only pay the flat rate to have the box shipped to the AP location in San Francisco, CA where the military will pick it up from there. As for what to send, there are some things he can probably buy over there, so don't get carried away. My husband's biggest request so far has been cigarettes, because they don't have his preferred brand. Even if your man doesn't smoke, send some anyways, as they're pretty much like currency. Things that aren't allowed are alcohol, weapons, pornography, and pork products. Also, if you send socks make sure to send the military boot socks as opposed to white tennis shoe socks, as they can't wear those with their uniforms. Chocolate melts, but M&M's usually do ok (put them in a ziploc to be sure) Send him his favorite magazine, non-chocolate candy, gatorade drink mixes, instant coffee, beef jerky, his favorite seasoning or tabasco. You can do themes packages as well. I sent my husband a St. Patrick's day package with Irish spring soap, lucky charms, skittles, and some other green/Irish themed things.
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Cherilyn Originally Answered: How to send a package without my parents knowing?
Bad Girl has the right answer for you; however, she left out several things that you have to know if your little things are packed properly. Buy a small pack.age of peanuts. Those are the little plastic styrofoam balls that you stuff into a box to keep items from falling out of the box, or from breaking if you have either sensitive or valuable items in the box. At this point, you can also purchase some packaging tape with mastic already on the tape. The tape that is already sticky is the best to protect your package, but a little unwieldy for placing over the openings on the closed up box. If you wanted greater protection for your box, you could also buy heavy grade, brown wrapping paper that you can cut to size for wrapping around and covering your box. Now, for your addresses on the box, place the box on a flat surface. In the upper left corner write your name, address, City, State and Zip Code number on the box, wrapped in paper or not. In the center of the box, write your friend's name on the box along with her address, city, state, and zip code. Take the box to the post office, wait in the right line, and the box will be at your friend's address in three or four days. Good luck.

Ashley Ashley
The best way to know where to send the package and what you can send and can't would be to ask him as he would know who you should be in contact with in your home town. The next time you talk to him, just ask him where you can send him a package and/or who at the local front can you contact to know what you can and can not send. Hope this helps.
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Zerah Zerah
Being a fresh face sucks balls anything from home is pleasant such as Oreos, M&Ms, or a simple T-shirt. Also something to pass the endless and boring time on the front I hate to say it but I'm telling it like it is, a Hustler magazine or a home video ;) can go a long way, also a football or something is a plus, personally I enjoyed my gameboy
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Skyler Skyler
He will have his APO address, just take it to the post office or if his unit in the rear is nice enough to send it off for you then cool. Definetly pictures or a dvd! Food and personal hygene is always great.
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Ormond Ormond
Favorite snacks, video games, cards, personal care items, or you can do themed packages like an Easter basket for Easter.
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Leighton Leighton
Porn magazines, or home made videos, deoderant, toothpaste, tooth brush, scope, soap, shampoo, letters, cards, pictures...
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Leighton Originally Answered: I have to send a package to Japan. I got an address, but I don't know the correct format for sending:?
This address is not enough. I think you have to ask the person again to make sure that it's correct. Addition: You must have 3 numbers for this address. But you have only 2, "74" and "3" here. So you are missing another one. And you are missing postal code, too. But we can check it on Japanese web for you. The more important thing is the 3rd number. Addition2: Postal code is 660-0075. Addition3: >Where will this 3rd number go that I am missing? I got this address from a family member in Korea. Will they write it different? What do you mean? If they don't know the correct address, I don't know, either. Addition4: >Or is it something completely different? I said it's "3rd" number. So it's something different, right? I think you better give us its apartment name, even if you can't give us person's name.

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