I cut my gum while brushing my teeth.is it okay?

I cut my gum while brushing my teeth.is it okay? Topic: Custom paper press
June 20, 2019 / By Elayne
Question: I usually brush a little more rigorously than is probably necessary, and I tend to drag on brushing my teeth for about 5 or some minutes. A couple days ago I was using a new toothbrush (bristles fresh and hardish) and today when I was brushing my front teeth the gum above my upper incisor stung like a paper cut. I looked in the mirror and I saw a small little cut/prick/something similar. I know I don't have gingivitis- I had a good report from a dental checkup not too long ago (my dentist asked if I was using a mechanical toothbrush because they were so clean ^_^) but I was just wondering if I can just let it heal on my own, or if I need to take any precautions (i.e. plaque building up or something while not being able to brush too well in that area). Also, when I brush my teeth, is it okay to just brush the toothbrush over my teeth without applying too much pressure on my teeth? I feel like if I don't press hard enough the bristles won't reach every spot. I floss occasionally, though not everyday, and I rarely use mouthwash. Just as another side question, my teeth don't seem to whiten. I haven't been using any whitening-specific products, but I use Colgate Total and Glide Floss and sometimes they'll look their natural yellow-ish while sometimes they'll seem white. The lighting is the same every time i look at them....any thoughts on that? I brush consistently too.
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Cherice Cherice | 8 days ago
The cut shouldn't be too much of a problem - just make sure to keep flossing and brushing. However, you definitely need to avoid brushing so hard. Not only can you damage your gums as you've discovered, but you can actually wear away the enamel so much that you need a filling. I highly recommend using an electric toothbrush, and definitely get soft bristles on any toothbrush that you use. You don't need much pressure to get the biofilm off. The hard stuff (tartar) won't come off with a toothbrush anyway - you need scalers to remove that so that's why you want to see your dentist regularly. As far as the whitening, they will only reach a certain color unless you use any whitening specific products. There are a number of options such as using at-home products, getting custom trays to use at home from your dentist, or doing a full treatment at the dentist.
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Ashlee Ashlee
Of course its fine! That often happens when one can brush to hard on the gum so the bristles cut it. Because of the sensitive area cuts are often made but they often heal eventually. The mouth is a moist area so if it is bleeding, it may so take about 10 mins or longer to stop but if so just leave it alone as constantly dabbing will irritate it. I recommend that if you do come across any cuts on your gum, try to get a new toothbrush as sometimes the bristles can get harder if their old and also in gentle circular motions on the tooth. Avoid the area that has the cut (but still brush the tooth) and leave it to heal. :)
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Zephania Zephania
Its due to improper brushing techniques. You need to follow the proper brushing technique and rules: 1. Use SOFT bristle tooth brush... 2. Always brush your teeth in a vertical round motions. Never brush in a horizontal fashion. Brushing horizontally is the major causative factor for trearing of the gums. 3. Use gentle pressure. Never brush your teeth harshly. 4. Brush your teeth atleast 2 times a day. For your another question about teeth whitening, I would suggest to go to a dentist for Bleaching if you are very much concerned about the appearance of your teeth. Dentist will first clean your teeth i.e scaling and polishing, and then Bleaching. But then also I would suggest you that if by following proper oral hygiene you are satisfied then don't go for bleaching unnecessary. Bleaching is not required unless until you don't want it professionally. The biggest drawback of bleaching is tooth hypersensitivity as any method of teeth whitening requires some of the enamel of the tooth to be removed... Thanks!
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Skye Skye
^yes be now? what a useless respones. i hate when people put useless responses, it makes me angry... when people brush there teeth and havnt alot, it cuts their gums and they may bleed, this is normal, just think of happy thoughts =]
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Orian Orian
You want to be careful when you brush, but my hygentist said the mouth heals quickly. You might want to try using a water pick.
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