Homework help please.?

Homework help please.? Topic: Compound interest rate homework
June 20, 2019 / By Elanor
Question: (a) (20 pts) If it takes 9 years for a one-time deposit in a savings account that receives interest compounded quarterly to triple, then what is the interest rate to the nearest tenth of a percent? To answer this question, you may want to utilize the following relationship: If ln(x) = N, where N is some number, then x = eN (if using logarithms to the base 10, then equivalently, If log(x) = N, then x = 10N ) (b) (6 pts) check your result in part a using the standard formula for computing compounded interest, assuming the initial deposit is $10,000 (c) (7 pts.) What is the APY of 7% interest compounded quarterly?
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Originally Answered: 1 Math Problem. A little homework help. 7th grade homework BEST ANSWER- 10 POINTS Needs to be answered TODAY?
You seem to want us to do 1-8 as well! I submit you can find the answers to all of these either in your textbook or class notes.

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