Why do we eat popcorn at the cinema?

Why do we eat popcorn at the cinema? Topic: Buy a paper on depression
July 21, 2019 / By Eileen
Question: What started it off? I only eat it when i go to the cinema, i feel like i have to buy it, even though it costs an arm and a leg
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Chelsey Chelsey | 3 days ago
Popcorn vendors were active and popular at fairs, rallies, and most large public gatherings or on small-town streets since the 1840s. Customers were drawn to the vendors’ carts by the tantalizing aroma and delicious treats. With the advent of nickelodeons and motion pictures, popcorn vendors quickly and conveniently set up their carts to entice audience members. Customers rarely ignored their products. The movie theatre business expanded to grand movie palaces in the teens and twenties. Many of the fancier movie houses were appointed with chandeliers, marble columns, and expensive antiques. Beginning in the 1930s depression era, newly-constructed movie houses were less fancy and more welcoming. Snack food concessions were factored into the plans. As well as popcorn, various candies were sold. The drastic change in the economy caused theatre owners to reduce ticket prices. They had to find new revenue sources. Some installed candy dispensers. There was hesitation in allowing popcorn vendors to install their popping machines. Owners of the ‘movie palaces’ believed that popcorn was not a worthy snack for their grand places. Also, the early machines were considered to be fire hazards. More sophisticated machines were eventually installed in some theatres. Noisy, rustling bags were replaced by paper buckets. At five or ten cents a bag, popcorn sales helped the owners recoup their losses. Families could afford to attend the movies, at least occasionally. Popcorn was part of the experience that appealed to adults and children. Movie house owners who installed the popcorn machines experienced increased profits. Many of those who did not sell snack foods went out of business.
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Chelsey Originally Answered: Why does popcorn pop?
Popcorn, like all grains, contains water. About thirteen and a half to fourteen percent of each kernel is made up of water. So when a popcorn kernel is heated above the boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, this water turns to steam. This steam creates pressure within the kernel, causing the kernel to explode and turn itself inside out. But, if the water inside a piece of popcorn is what makes it pop, why don't other grains pop as well? Wheat and rice contain water, so why don't we sit down to watch a movie with a bucket of popped rice or popped wheat? The answer lies in the differences between the outer coverings, called hulls, of popcorn and other grains. Unlike rice and wheat, and unlike even regular corn, popcorn has a non-porous hull that traps steam. With the porous hulls of other grains, steam easily passes through, so no significant pressure is produced. These grains may parch, but they will not pop. But even popcorn, with its special hull, doesn't always pop. Popcorn must have two important properties to pop well. First, the amount of moisture in the kernel must be very close to thirteen and a half percent. Too little moisture and enough steam won't build up to pop the kernel. Too much moisture and the kernels pop into dense spheres, rather than the light fluffy stuff popcorn fanciers love. Second, the kernels must not be cracked or damaged in any way. Even a small crack will let steam escape, keeping the necessary pressure from building. Popcorn kernels with the right amount of moisture and unblemished hulls pop into the snack that just about everyone enjoys.
Chelsey Originally Answered: Why does popcorn pop?
(m) Popcorn" is an ancient type of corn that contains a hard, glassy (or "vitreous") type of starch on the outside, and a softer, "floury" starch on the inside. In fact, it is probable that popcorn was the original type of corn, and that the first human use of corn grain as a food item ocurred when people realized that when they parched this grain, a formerly hard kernel became soft and edible. Most of the inside of a kernel is composed of starch, which is a storage carbohydrate, or fuel. This starch is known as the seed's "endosperm" (meaning it is inside the seed). Its purpose is to provide energy for the living part of the kernel, the "germ" or embryo, once this embryo germinates and establishes a new plant. Starch has a large water holding capacity, and for this reason it has a number of industrial uses as a dehydrating agent in powder form. When you heat popcorn, the water that is ordinarily bound in the floury endosperm becomes a vapor and bursts through the fruit case, or "pericarp" of the kernel. In order for this to happen successfully and dependably, therefore, the kernel must be relatively small, and the hard, or flinty, outer shell of the kernel must be quite strong to resist the building pressure. This is why popcorn produces grains that are smaller than most field corn.

Aryana Aryana
I can think of a few reasons: 1) Small "footprint" for the uncooked product means theaters can store more (and have more to sell). 2) Cheap for movie theaters to buy (and sell at a huge markup). 3) A majority of people tend to like salty snacks, and popcorn fits the bill. 4) It's an easy snack to eat while watching a movie (it's very portable, I guess, and easy to vacuum up if spilled). I could probably think of more, but I think the main reason stems from the theaters selling it at a huge markup. They've sold it for so long, we've become accustomed to eating it at the theater.
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Zedekiah Zedekiah
Not sure, did you no that most movie theaters dont make any money on ticket sales. The profit comes mainly from concession.
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Suggestion: 1.Next time you're struggling with a word problem, write down all that you know. 2.Figure out what you need to know in terms of ONE variable. 3.Piece together an equation that will solve your variable. small = $2 medium = $5 larger = $10 250 boxes sold $1726 in sales #small boxes sold = x #large boxes sold = 2x #medium boxes sold = 250 - (x + 2x) [The KEY piece to solving this puzzle!] $2x +$10(2x) + $5(250 -3x) = $1726 [The rest is simple algebra] 2x +20x +1250 -15x = 1726 [put x's with x's, #s with #s] 2x +20x -15x = 1726 -1250 7x = 476 x = 476/7 x = 68 #small boxes sold = x = 68 #large boxes sold = 2x = 2(68) = 136 #medium boxes sold = 250 -3x = 250 - 3(68) = 46 Check: $2(68) +$5(46) +$10(136) = $136 +$230 +$1360 = $1726

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