How to teach Romeo and Juliet?

How to teach Romeo and Juliet? Topic: What does case synopsis mean
July 19, 2019 / By Eglantine
Question: I am a student teacher (with a cooperating teacher) in grad school and we are about to start Romeo and Juliet. Now, I love the play and think I understand it pretty well, but I still want help understanding the entire play in case a student asks a question I don't know. Does anyone know of any website (or book) that goes through the play, giving a synopsis every once in a while so that the reader knows what is exactly being said. For example, the Mercutio dream speech is IMPOSSIBLE for me to understand.
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Chelsea Chelsea | 2 days ago
Mercutio dream speech: he says " i see Queen Mab has been with you" Queen Mab is queen of the faries/ mischief. Then he just goes on to say that Queen Mab brings dreams of mischief and ill content. In the next piece Mercutio basically just tells Romeo that his dreams mean nothing and that it shows he has an 'idle brain'. Have you seen the movie of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo Decaprio in it? Its very well done apart from Juliet not saying her last line in it. So in the cliffnotes version Romeo says- i had a dream and i have a feeling that this night isnt going to end well Mercutio says- nonsense! who listens to dreams anyway? (apologies to the Bard!)
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Chelsea Originally Answered: HELP? ROMEO AND JULIET?
I think the whole Romeo and Juliet thing is kind of overused. Especially since West Side Story came out. But, I think that you aren't looking at the holes in your plot: 1. Romeo and Juliet are separated because of family feuds. Maria and Tony are separated because of gang feuds. In your story, what separates your Juliet from her Romeo? 2. You're making assumptions that are not even based on stereotypes. "African Americans don't like Asians". I mean, I would understand if you based it on stereotypes, or something, but it's not. In actuality, you're just basing things in your current environment, which isn't the same as other people's, so it won't relate with the audience. If you really want to do some Shakespearian play, then I guess I'd go with Othello.
Chelsea Originally Answered: HELP? ROMEO AND JULIET?
I don't think your teacher would appreciate that very much... What you could do is set it to the time of slavery in the US. Make the boy be a servant of a plantation, and the girl, a slave of a rival plantation. Or you could do him as the son of a plantation owner, and her, as his slave. Perhaps his father could "give" her to the boy for his birthday as his own personal slave. Hope this helped-CT

Arline Arline
There's like 5000 movies based off the idea of Romeo and Juliet. It is a pretty easy story to explain in almost any time era. Even nowadays, I am sure you have at least one kid in your class who has had someone's parents forbid them from seeing the other person. Plus they have all heard love story by Taylor Swift whether they did it voluntarily or not so they have the basic gist you just need to point out to them how it relates to the here and now. P.S. The leo version is done very well even if it is in old english which might make it hard for some kids but at least if you show them that they will see the only good performance claire danes ever gave.
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Arline Originally Answered: Help with Romeo and Juliet project for English?
You could have... -Romeo and Juliet run away -The potion that Frair gives Juliet not work and make it so Juliet still has to get married to Paris -Romeo's parents marry Romeo off to someone else - etc. Let your mind wander. When you're reading the play, just keep thinking "what if..." and "why did this have to happen? Why not this...?" ~
Arline Originally Answered: Help with Romeo and Juliet project for English?
i can not supply you an prompt theory yet i could do the undertaking on why Romeo and Juliet is the suited occasion of ways communique is so considered necessary in a relationship. heavily in the event that they had worked out the substantial factors of the "suicide" earlier hand, they could have in all possibility had a happier ending. in basic terms asserting.

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