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June 20, 2019 / By Effie
Question: My sons father left when he was 6 months old, then again the day before Christmas. I applied for Child Support and he came back again a year later but left again. I never canceled the child support and i called them recently to ssee if they made progress once they told me they couldnt find him so i told them where he worked they found where they thought he lived and sent a certified letter but he hasnt signed for it. They said they dont know how long the post office holds certified letters but when they send that back theyll proceed with the next action , the lady on the customer service line didnt know what that would be though. Does anyone know what next action they may pursue? Or how I could help? I live in Alabama with my child by myself and have a very low income job I need this child support. Hes never given me money and I applied for child support 2 years ago and they still havent even found him to start anything. What can I do? They told me if I can find him it would help too..would it be illegal to put a poster or something up offering a reward to anybody that can tell me where he lives and works? (Im in Alabama hes in FLorida) I've already given his SS# to them. Also, Its hard to find him when Im in Alabama and hes in Florida I have friends down there that i can visit but theres three towns together, Crestview,Baker, Holt, and Milligan Baker and milligan are pretty much one small town with alot of country. Holt is small to but a lot of country area as with baker and milligan Crestview is bigger though so its a lot of area to cover....If anyone knows him his name is Josh Purvis No Im not going through welfar or receiving benefits like food stamps or anything....and my case is through florida. I asked about moving it to alabama since i live here but they said it will take a while to move it so i let them think i still live in florida so it doesnt take any longer than it already has
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Chelle Chelle | 1 day ago
I have gone threw the same bull sh*t i have received no child support in 4 years there is nothing you can do. You can hire a PI or talk with his family; if you have his number the social worker will call him and ask questions about where he works. if none of that works you need to get a judgment against him This forces him to pay and if he refuses he can go to jail, or if he has a house or car or anything worth value the court will take it sell it and give you the money for it the thin is he can never file bankrupts in child support nor can he get anything like a house or a car if he owes you. Because you are at a low-income job you can go to court and it won’t cost you anything you are going to want to get: 1. Court Order on motion for waiver for court Fees 2.Return or Service 3.Summons (you will need his address, work address, or his families address for this) 4. Verified petition for Parentage 5. Affidavit of income verification and compliance with the uniform child Support Guidelines 6. Findings of facts and conclusion of law 7. Notice to Submit for entry of default decree of parentage8. Decree of Parentage and Judgment. I know it’s a lot but it will really help in the end. You won’t get money right away with this or child support the only other thing I can suggest is to ask for help from the state. You can do that and when you start receiving Child support you can get off of it. I hope this helps :) Good luck to you
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Chelle Originally Answered: Question regarding child support and child custody (a little long sorry)?
First of all I agree that you need to get a lawyer. Second of all not all women are the same. As you yourself know. My husband and I just finished a custody battle that lasted for (2 years almost 3.) Pretty much the only thing you can do besides getting that lawyer is continue doing what you are doing. I don't know if you believe in God but a prayer couldn't hurt. The worst thing that you can do is let her get the better of you by bringing you down. This is not an easy situation and honestly (if she is anything like my husbands ex) you should hold on tight. Do exactly as the lawyer says. And exactly what you are doing. We (my husband) got full custody of his children. It was a long drawn out battle but we made it. As for the child support, you bet! She can draw child support even with a case being open. Unless that state is involved. Now if the children are in states care then it could be a little more leanient. I wish you and your family the best of luck. Keep your head high! You know that you did nothing wrong and you know that you are doing the best you can for your children. Be sure to lean on your wife when needed. I am sure she is more than willing to support you in any way. And trust me that counts!

Arlie Arlie
I am from Crestview,FL - I haven't lived there since 94 though - the law may be changed now, but as far as I know Florida State does not garnish income for child support, etc. All that can be done is have his drivers license, hunting/fishing license suspended and/or put him in jail. Has an order of child support been made through the Alabama courts? Are you going through the welfare system to obtain child support or do you have an attorney? My advice to you is - get an attorney first (get a loan, or borrow money from friends or family). An attorney will work harder for you than the state. But like I said, the only thing that can be done in the state of Florida is threaten license suspension and jail and that won't get you your money. I live in Tenn. and my son's father lives in Florida - I have never seen one dollar in child support, but my son's father is in and out of prison (for crimes not child support) and has never had a drivers license. I haven't wasted my time or money on an order for child support, because I know my son's dad wouldn't pay a dime anyway, Florida won't garnish, and like I said, he won't loose anything he hasn't already. I did however have my son's dad's parental rights revoked. Good luck to you.
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Zechariah Zechariah
Well, your real problem is that he is in Florida. That state doesn't recognize the laws of other states, so men can hide in Florida and not have to pay support. BUT...if you have his Social Security number, you can notify the I.R.S. that he owes you back and current child support. They will withhold money from any refunds he is entitled to on his income tax return. See an lawyer to find out more about this.
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Simeon Simeon
well it can literally take that long and longer depending on how that particular office functions. My child support order has been on reserve for almost 3 years now because they couldn't verify that he worked but he's still accumulating time with them even if they cant find him, he'll owe back pay. You can receive public assistance from the department of social services and they will assist in your ch. sup. situation. they will give you money as well as food stamps and medi-cal for you and your child until your child turns 18 or stays in college til 21. once you get a worker they will force a court with or without him and send you a letter stating that him working or not working is not reason enough for him not to pay and take both parties to court. call ch. sup. and ask them for the number for people who hide from ch. sup. they have action seekers who will go to the add. you gave them and make his employer give money out of his check.
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Omri Omri
wow that really sucks. i thought the child support system was suppose to be really good. well, if they aren't doing there job and it's been 2 years, i would try and find him myself. i mean he is getting away with this and it's not fair. good look to you.
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Omri Originally Answered: How to get the Child Support Agentcy to enforce Child Support payments/arrear In Columbia County in Wisconsin?
First thing you need to do is print off the administrative complaint form: http://www.dwd.state.wi.us/dwd/forms/dws... then fax it to their controlled correspondence liaison: Mary Saunders at 608-742-9823 Also fax it to Carla Weber the regional administrator: 920-448-5306. (She will need a copy to follow up for the state.) That is a start. I would also call/email or write your Congressman (nothing motivates like state officials) and ask that he help you get enforcement of your child support order. You can find them here by your address: http://waml.legis.state.wi.us/ After you've done that, call the Columbia County Clerk's office and ask which county board oversees the Child Support office. Get the names and addresses of the board and the Chairman. Write a letter to the Chairman of the Board and copy each member. Tell them WHY you're unhappy with the services you ARE NOT being provided and how they've failed to respond to you. While the State oversees them, the county board hires and fires them--the state can not! Good Luck!

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