How to get more reviews in fanfiction.net?

How to get more reviews in fanfiction.net? Topic: Review writing
July 21, 2019 / By Effi
Question: I get favourites and alerts but few reviews. Its a bit annoying. Does - if I don't get 5 reviews I won't upload next chapter- scheme work. I write mainly ocs but they are not mary sues. They have bad qualities and good ones. I even advertise in forums. Help!
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Chastity Chastity | 10 days ago
No, don't say that. It's what turns people off, also begging for reviews also turns them off. Maybe it's your story. There could be some grammar and spelling errors. Maybe it's the fact that it's a little bit predictable. Maybe the readers are lazy and don't leave reviews. Maybe it's because it's far to early in the story and they don't want to leave reviews until they're sure the story is good. The first few stories I published didn't get much reviews, until I started writing more and getting better at writing.
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Chastity Originally Answered: How to get more reviews on Fanfiction?
You have to get yourself know in the fanfiction.net community.Join lots of C2s and forums. Review other people's stories and favorite other people. It's basically a "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" type thing. That's how I get my reviews. =)
Chastity Originally Answered: How to get more reviews on Fanfiction?
Things I have done: -Written a fanfiction with over 1000+ reviews -Written a fanfiction with 300+ reviews.... with only 4 chapters. -NEVER EVER written a fanfiction for Twilight. Ew. First of all, if your writing sucks, no one will review. I can tell from just skimming your work that it's amateurish and probably nothing new to the other annoying twilighters. Also, other little girls such as yourself write Twilight fics EVERY DAY... as in there is a HUGE selection and over done story-lines up the wazoo. The fact is, unless you come up with something INCREDIBLY original and WELL-WRITTEN (and trust me, you won't) your reviews won't get any higher. Try to end your chapters with a cliff-hanger... and say things like "REVIEWS KEEP ME MOTIVATED" or stupid stuff like that. Honestly, though, if your fic was worth the reviews it would be getting them. Why don't you try writing original fiction?

Arlene Arlene
Holding your next update hostage in order to force reviews out of people is disgusting and embarrassing. I would instantly remove you as a favourite author and otherwise ignore you. Writing isn't about getting loads of reviews, it's about having a passion to tell a story. Finding people who are also passionate about your story is a bonus, not a payment. Also, shameless self advertisement is another amateurish ploy which is a good way to display your desperate need for attention. If you went on those forums and spoke passionately about your story, about your troubles and accomplishments, I would be far more likely to check your story out. You're not supposed to rely on advertisement to get fans, you instead put all of that effort into writing a good story. That's all people want. If you do that, you will get fans. For advice or free critiques, please visit my forum. I'm always happy to help. (Do not come here to advertise, it's for writers who want to improve). http://w11.zetaboards.com/Spread_The_Wor...
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Zebulun Zebulun
I calculated the stats on one of my fics, and 0.04% of my subscribers review each chapter. That's even less than 1%. The same goes for a lot of stories. It's totally normal for people to not review, so relax and stop trying to twist people's arms to get them to review. The best way to get people to review is to become a better writer, and that only happens when you write a lot.
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Zebulun Originally Answered: How can I get more reviews on FanFiction.net?
I find it helps to write for a popular category. Target a large audience, and you might find more reviews. That being said, harry potter is one of those categories. But I think the end of the movies have effected the HP community. Perhaps you aren't being reviewed, because the Series has officially ended. People are beginning to move on, leaving the community a bit smaller.

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