What are some good young adult books?

What are some good young adult books? Topic: The sisterhood of the traveling pants book rating websites
July 19, 2019 / By Edyta
Question: i'm looking for some books that are about dating or anything. i don't mind books with gay couple or anything either. i've already read scott westerfeld books, sarah dessen books, and the sisterhood of the traveling pants series, and the confessions of a shopaholic series. i'd prefer reading books for people around 15-20 years old. thanks in advance for your help!
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Charlotte Charlotte | 6 days ago
Those are a few of my favorite authors! Please try them..they are very good! BY Michelle Cunnah~http://www.michellecunnah.com/ 1. 32AA 2. Call Waiting I heard these were really funny and a cute story! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stephenie Meyer~ http://stepheniemeyer.com/ 1. Twilight 2. New Moon 3. Eclipse (coming in August 7, 2007) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By Nicholas Sparks~http://www.nicholassparks.com/ You should defiantly read Nicholas Sparks books! They are mostly include... ~Christianity (some) ~Love ~Tragedy ~Fate All of his books are a real tear jerker. You will not regret reading his books! His other books are REALLY good! you should try his other books! 1. The Notebook (series with "wedding") 2. The Wedding ~ A Walk to Remember ~Message in a Bottle ~ The Rescue ~ A Bend in the Road~very well written! Cant stop reading! ~ Nights in Rodanthe ~ The Guardian ~ The Wedding ~ Three Weeks with my Brother ~ True Believer ~ At First Sight ~ Dear John ~ The Choice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are really great, heart breaking books: BY Lurlene McDaniel ~http://www.randomhouse.com/features/lurl Angels in Pink Series 1. Kathleen's Story 2. Holly's Story 3. Raina's Story Novels ~Don't Die, My Love ~Till Death Do Us Part ~Rose for Melinda ~Journey of Hope ~Saving Jessica Check her website for more of her books! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I promise this books are not childish. They are really funny and very good. I know your gonna enjoy these books. Meg Cabot~ http://megcabot.com/ All of Meg's books are amazing! (Princess Diaries are a little boring though) You should check her website for more of her books! ~The Mediator Series 1. Shadowland 2. Ninth Key 3. Reunion 4. Darkest Hour 5. Haunted 6. Twilight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BY Emily Griffin~ http://www.emilygiffin.com/ ~Something Borrowed ~Something Blue ~Baby Proof ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dating Game Series~By Natalie Standiford http://www.nataliestandiford.com/ http://www.hachettebookgroupusa.com/feat 1. The Dating Game 2. Breaking Up Is Really Really Hard to Do 3. Can True Love Survive High School? 4. Ex-rating 5. Speed Dating 6. Parallel Parking Those are a few of my favorite authors! Please try them..they are very good!
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Charlotte Originally Answered: Good young adult books?
I made a list of books I'm going to read this summer and these are them. I haven't read them yet, but I got suggestions from the library, friends, and blogs to read each of them. A series that I did read was the Pretty Little Liars series, which was interestingly addicting as well. (I did read those books.) - Looking for Alaska by John Green - Just listen by Sarah Dessen - Jake Riley: Irreplacably damaged by Rebecca Fjelland Davis -Lovesick by Jake Coburn - Feels like home by Charlton-Trujillo -Stolen voices by Ellen Dee Davidson - Keeping you a secret by Julie Ann Peters - Staying fat for Sarah by Chris Crutcher - One of those hideous books where the mother dies by Sonya Sones - Born in Sin by Evelyn Coleman - Before I die by Jenny Dowham - To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Collins - The freedom writers diary - Seventeen Girls real life stories: true crime, and true love - Ana's story by Jenna Bush - The lovely bones by Alice Sebold - Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher - The notebook Girls: Four friends, one diary, real life - An abundance of Katherines by John Green - Someday this pain will be useful to you by Peter Cameron - First part last by Angela Johnson - Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn The lists in my sources have a lot of other books that seem really good. These are suggestions that I've gotten, but they all seriously sound good. I'd look at reviews before I pick them up.

Arielle Arielle
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer definitely falls uner the category of 15-20 years old and it is a romance novel. I would also recoment its sequels, which are awesome. Maximum Ride by James Patterson is really good too. I love both of those series the best. I will not recommend Harry Potter because you most definitely already know about it and probably would have read it already if you wanted too. Maximum Ride is so good that it is being made into a movie. They have a trailer of the book on the official website which i have provided a link for. :)
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Zebedee Zebedee
The Hunger Games is a quality purchase that I feel many persons are inquisitive about. It does not subject how historic you're, in case you see a unique you could like, select it up! Heck, I nonetheless learn Junie B. Jones books from whilst I used to be younger and It's quality to look others studying from an specific booklet for as soon as as a substitute of a reveal. Many younger grownup books can have you sucked in to the plot very quickly, so take hold of it and experience!
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Sid Sid
Emily Ever After by Dayton The Face on the Milk Carton by Cooney P.S. I love you by Conklin Christy by Marshall I'll Be Seeing You by McDaniel A Gown of Spanish Lace by Oke(one of my favorites, I must of read it 10 times) The Locket by Evans A Walk to Remember by Sparks A Groom Worth Waiting For by Stovall Fifteen by Cleary ( a classic teen love story) A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Smith The Blue Bottle Club by Stokes Departures by Gunn The Dday of the Storm by Pilcher Girl of the Limberlost by Porter
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Ogden Ogden
The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler. It has won dozens of awards for excellence in Young Adult literature. You can read a sample on her website. Pax - C
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