What are my chances of admission into Cambridge?

What are my chances of admission into Cambridge? Topic: Harvard university requirements for admissions
July 21, 2019 / By Edith
Question: I live in California, USA. short resume on me: Attended Community College 4 semesters, completed 57 credits. Maintained a UC transferable GPA of 3.87 I have been a photographer on my College's Newspaper staff for the last year Won 1st place in the Feature photo competition at JACC (Journalism Association of Community Colleges) Won Honorable mention in the News Photo competition at JACC I ran two years Varsity Cross Country My work experience: I carry a CPR/AED for the professional rescuer license I am a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician I have worked at Trans-Aid ambulance for the past year. I have also obtained FEMA ICS 100, 200, and 346 certifications Questions: is it harder or easier for an overseas applicant to get in? What is the class profile like? Do they have any similarities to the American system? Do they know what the SAT is? Do they have GPA's?
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Charita Charita | 9 days ago
If you went to university in the UK, you would not be able to transfer in. You'd need to start at year one. But the advantage of your community college work is that you're qualified to apply. You need the equivalent of British A levels in order to apply to university in England, and your community college experience has given you that. Without it, you couldn't get into Cambridge or any decent UK university. In addition, a bachelors degree in the UK takes only three years to complete, rather than four. So there's that. UK unis do not have GPAs, but they will understand what you're talking about when you mention it. They do know what the SAT is, and I think they're going to ask for your SAT scores, if I remember correctly. You can go to the website for Cambridge and look up their admissions requirements for US applicants, and they'll tell you what you must submit. Cambridge is a competitive enough university that your being from overseas will neither help nor hinder you re: admissions. The class profile is similar, sort of, to a place like Harvard.
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Charita Originally Answered: Vanderbilt admission chances?
1. The UC system is WAY different than any other admission system. It's really messed up 2. I think you have an amazing chance at getting in, looking at your GPA and SAT scores and your ECs. Good luck!!! Mine please?: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110327212613AAqyd84
Charita Originally Answered: Vanderbilt admission chances?
Is your GPA weighted or unweighted? if its unweighted it is satisfactory whether it is weighted its common for enormously aggressive faculties. Your SAT rating has a few room for advantage. All the ones categories, extracurricars, volunteering, and competitions are definately a well factor. So the whole thing besides the SAT is satisfactory, you can typically make it. Me and my pal carried out to Northwestern University, she had some way greater ACT rating and that i had far more volunteering hours however our GPA had been just about the identical and we took nearly the identical categories, and she or he obtained in and i did not so take a look at taking the SAT once more and goal for a larger rating

Antonia Antonia
you will ought to get 3 A grades at A-point (IT, Maths, organization), and likewise probable ought to pass the OCR examination. you will additionally want have a respectable utility type (CV) and can pass the interview. they're finding for no longer purely stable academic ability, yet in addition a properly stepped forward all-around individual - articulate & confident (devoid of being cocky or conceited), with dissimilar hobbies. so a strategies as your 'very own assertion', it is going to help plenty while you're in touch with gaining expertise of track or languages, or some type of activities or athletics (rugby, cricket, boxing, and so on), are in touch with the Scouts or Cadets and/or Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, additionally while you're in touch with some type of Volunteer community interest (St.John's Ambulance) or another 'worth' voluntary interest like a close-by youngsters club, or perhaps Quiz nighttime or Chess club activities.
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Antonia Originally Answered: What are my chances of my admission into any of these schools?
I would try to retake the SAT. Might want to do higher. 1. UCLA-ok chance 2. John Hopkins-ok chance 3. Ivy Leagues-varies from very low to ok chance 4. Pomona College (Claremont colleges)-good chance 5. USC- good chance especially if you have $$$ 6. Amherst- ok chance 7. UCSD- good chance 8. UCI- almost a lock 7. Try University of Illinois, Northwestern, Rice, Michigan- you'd have ok chances.
Antonia Originally Answered: What are my chances of my admission into any of these schools?
I would say a great chance for USC, UCSD, UCI and Pomona. If you live in California which I think you do, you have a much higher chance to getting into UCLA than most...but I have seen someone with a 4.0 get rejected from UCLA and she had SAT's like yours...so its a hard call but I think you have a good shot. If you are out of state...chance is much harder. Ivy Leagues - yes depends on which ones, these are all private schools so they wont care if you are in state or not. I think your SAT's are really strong and so if you write a rockin essay I think you have a great shot at most of these schools

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