Feeding my 16 month old. HELP?

Feeding my 16 month old. HELP? Topic: Make bib
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Question: She used to eat very well. She has just recently expressed an interest in feeding herself but when I hand her the spoon she just plays with her food. She won't eat it. She won't let me feed her. Normally she would be starving. I just don't know what to do. I know she'll eat when she gets hungry. I know she's hungry because when I put the food away she acts like she wants it. When I hand her something she can't make a mess with she eats it. I just don't know. Should I just feed her stuff she can eat with her hands only?
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Charissa Charissa | 8 days ago
My daughter is 15mnths and refuses to eat if i feed her depending on what shes eating if its not to messy i roll up her shirt and put a bib on her semi messy bib n towel around her and the floor if its super messy like her favorite spagehti i strip her down to just her diaper put a towel on her floor and let her go at it. She eats with her hands we have tried the spoon and all she does is play with it then throw it i just take that as shes not ready for it we will try again for a week or two in a few mnths with the spoon. Ur daughter may not understand the concept of a spoon yet but understands that she wants to self feed which i see nothing wrong in that just make sure u wash her hands well before she eats. if she makes a huge mess o well its the only time when they can get away with that. Our daughter has baths before she goes to bed so night where she has it all over her n in her hair she goes straight from the high chair to the shower
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Charissa Originally Answered: 1 month old baby does not eat a lot per feeding?
So babies are different from others, if you are concerned you should ask your Dr. for advise. My daughter never drank more that 4 ozs at one time, ever, until she was more than a year old. She is 6 now and perfectly normal.

Antonette Antonette
Finger foods are a good idea, and or just plan on the mess. Coordinating a spoon/fork to the mouth takes time. Strip her out of the clothes down to the diaper for the messy spaghetti and things that will stain.
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Zack Zack
Why don't you have a spoon as well and just help her along this way you are still allowing her the independence to feed herself if she wishes.
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Shimei Shimei
Gerber finger foods are the best. They have little crunchies which are like healthy cheetos, yogurt bites, fruit bites, Biter biscuits, zwieback toast, pasta pick ups, puffs... It's all perfect finger foods. My 2 1/2 year old still prefers that stuff.
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Shimei Originally Answered: How do you deal with feeding your 6 month old baby food on the go?
It's not as hard as you might think. I kept the disposable bibs, I think they are called bibsters, in the diaper bag. So if I had to go out during a feeding time I would just put the jars or containers of baby food in the diaper bag along with some spoons in a plastic baggy (so they wouldn't get dirty), and some extra wipes for wiping off my son's face. Then whenever I got home I would clean out the diaper bag and have it almost ready to go for the next time. My son was in a carrier car seat until around 11 months, so I just kept him in there, or I'd set him in his stroller to feed him.

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