Abortion Bill In Colorado?

Abortion Bill In Colorado? Topic: Win court case spells
July 19, 2019 / By Edina
Question: There's an amendment on the ballot in Colorado (amendment 48) that would make all abortions illegal, even in cases of rape and incest or where the womans life could be jeopardized by going full term.It also spells out what is considered a human life as any cells that come from the human body, which means sperm is a life and makes it illegal to knowingly kill it! On the same note some birth control methods would be outlawed because they cause the egg to die before leaving a womans body. My question is if such a bill passes is it constitutional? And if it's not how can we rule an amendment to the state constitution as unconstitutional. Has that ever happened where a amendment has been found unconstitutional? I doubt it will pass it's too extreme for some of the church groups here who have stood out against it. As far as woman being jepordized you said it yourself it only happens in 1% that not never. And what I'm talking about there in particular is tubal pregnancies. I'm not advocating abortion etc. I belive it's a womans choice but it shouldn't be considered or used as method of birth control. Alot of methods of birth control work by making the inner lining toxic to a fertilized egg there by not allowing it to attach.
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Charisma Charisma | 7 days ago
So, if it's considered a person from the moment of conception, can pregnant women drive in the car pool lanes? Do you get a dependent deduction on your taxes before your kid is even born? Does a pregnant woman have to pay for two tickets to the movies? This won't hold up in court. It creates far far too many bizarre legal angles to appeal on. ETA: The person below me appears not to understand what "literally never happens" means.
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Antoinette Antoinette
From what I've read, you are slightly misinformed. The bill is trying to define a person as anyone from "fertilized egg" and beyond. Sperm would not count under this definition. From this definition, I doubt that birth control methods would be impacted except for the controversial morning-after pill.
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Zachery Zachery
It would not mean that sperm is life because the sperm has to activate the egg cells before it is life. Every person has a right to life. Every single person. Women have the right to choose, but women are people, and every persons right's END where another peresons rights BEGIN. And science clearly tells us (for those who take the initiative to look for themselves instead of feeding off biased media propaganda) that life begins at conception. Period. As for women being jeopardized by going full-term - that pretty much never happens. Only 1 percent of women are or would be jeopardized by going full term. PS - the person above me: I know, It was bad choice of words. Also, the examples you listed are pretty much pointless. Did you know that if you killed a pregnant woman you would be charged on two counts of murder? And no, obviously you wouldn't have to pay for the baby's ticket - just like you usually don't have to pay any ort of tickets etc. for children under 2!
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Shimea Shimea
Yes it's constitutional because our founding fathers said that all people who have been given life from our CREATOR our deserving of LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that includes the unborn child. Rape and incest: don't punish the son for the fathers sin, give the baby up for adoption. Trust in God that that the mother and child will both live and with our advanced technology and advances in medicine it rarely happens that a woman can't carry to term. I know a paraplegic who choose to have her baby at the risk of her life, she had many complications and had to lay in bed for the entire pregnancy; now that is honorable. (even is she is paraplegic she could still get out of bed while in her wheelchair when she wasn't pregnant) Babies are innocent and pure, why blame them. They didn't do anything wrong. But yes, I do agree with you that this bill will most likely not get passed because most people are too selfish to care about the unborn and they want to be the ones who decide whether or not the baby is considered "life"
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Obed Obed
<> in basic terms using fact some thing it criminal does not recommend it incredibly is top. <> there's a reason you are able to not spell 'anticipate' without '***'. people who anticipate too lots finally end up making asses of themselves. <> does not make experience, does it - and yet, there you're advocating human beings only anticipate the government is physically powerful! <> incorrect! <> advert hominem assaults harm your credibility. consistent with threat Marc, like me, does not see too lots interior the way of credibility while examining your question. <> The term "fetus" actually ability "the greater youthful interior the womb". The fetus IS a residing man or woman. existence starts at concept, not start nor some arbitrary element in between. as a result, each abortion constitutes the homicide of an unborn man or woman. <> however the fetus IS human. as a result, abortion IS homicide. <> what's so narrow minded approximately acknowledging the unborn for the residing human beings they are? given which you at the instant can't try this, does not that recommend your strategies is in fact greater narrow than mine? <> That in basic terms is going to instruct how schizophrenic human institutions might properly be - and you pick to anticipate such a company (the government) is physically powerful.
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