Yami/Atem: Same or different?

Yami/Atem: Same or different? Topic: Solving the mind body problem
July 21, 2019 / By Edie
Question: I'm just confused. I know Yugi is the reincarnation of Atem. When Yugi solved the puzzle, the seal was broken and Yami (Pharoah, Atem, etc) emerged out from it. But, how could a reincarnation happen if Atem's soul was sealed in the puzzle, causing it to be prevented? Here's my possible statements. 1) The characters 3000 years back that had the sennen items also had dark entities like the characters in modern time. (less likely though) 2) Two bodies (person and incarnate) of the same soul are allowed to interact without causing a time rift. 3) The creators of Yugioh Duel monsters never thought about that problem. I think I'm overthinking on this. I know there's people who consider Atem and Yami Yugi as two different people or exactly the same person in different names. To me, I see Yami as a form Atem took when the seal broke during the modern era, making them two bodies, one soul. But, I want to know what you think and what reasons you have to support that (You may use anime and manga reference. Hint. hint.) Sometimes I wonder. If two souls can share one body, why not two bodies share one soul?
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