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July 19, 2019 / By Eda
Question: I'm entering my senior year. I will go to a community college, a university, or both. I don't go by the same credit system that public schools go by, but I do take the same subjects as they do. I've looked into a university, and its requirements. They have these "approved" units, some of which I haven't taken: 1 math unit above and beyond algebra 2. Minimum 2 consecutive years of a foreign language. "Approved" list of electives. I haven't taken algebra 2, at least not yet, and certainly haven't devoted years to a foreign language. I do however know computer languages such as XHTML and CSS. Now, I believe these admission requirements are assuming someone that graduated from a public high school. Are there other requirements for home schoolers? What is your advice on this if I'll be transferring to a university?
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Chantale Chantale | 2 days ago
You need to contact the schools that interest you, but usually these requirements are pretty solid, even (perhaps especially) for homeschoolers. These requirements also strike me as fairly typical for college. My advice is to get yourself in gear and start making up for the gaps in your education. There is no reason why you can't do algebra 2 this year, and if you're particularly motivated and work really hard you might even be able to do algebra 2 plus another math course in your senior year. The language requirement might be tougher to cover, but you might be able to enroll in a language course at a local community college (this semester and next semester), and if you also take formal courses during winter and summer breaks you might be able to finish the foreign language requirement in a year.
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Chantale Originally Answered: Chances of being accepted into Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Princeton University, etc?
Your chances are very high and I can almost guarantee an acceptance from 2-3 of the schools you mentioned. As long as your essays were enlightening and well written, I wouldn't worry about a thing. The only advice I can really give is to conduct an interview with an alumni from your top choice, as it may benefit you during the process (plus it really can't hurt). If given the opportunity, try to embellish upon some of your primary school / non-school extracurricular activities.

Ansonia Ansonia
I would call each university (YOU, not your parents) that you are thinking of applying to. I know it can be nerve-wracking, but colleges love to see that students are willing to take initiative. Explain that you are homeschooled and don't have a couple of the requirements. It's definitely a good idea to play up what you DO have (i.e. tell them that you know many computer langauges). I feel like the foreign language requirement won't be too hard to get by. There are lots of colleges that don't require languages. Many will require you to take them to graduate though, so be prepared to learn a language in college! The math requirement might be a little more difficult to get away with... so definitely explain your situation and take a more difficult math course in your senior year.
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Zabdi Zabdi
I wouldn't imagine that there would be a different set of standards for a home schooled kids versus public high school for getting into a University. You would be taking the same classes as them at University so you would need to know the same information. I would suggest going to a community college first and picking up the classes (like math and language) that the University would require you to unless you can miraculously do them with your one year left of homeschooling.
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Sheridan Sheridan
I don't see how you could be a senior and not taken algebra II yet, I took it freshman year, you have to take algebra, geometry, and another class above algebra generally... You can look into going to the community college first to make up those credits you may have missed. I started college last year and they do refresher courses/tests that make sure yer up to speed for placement, and you don't want to have to pay university cost for math classes that you could test out of and save yourself a few thousand and save you time. Algebra II is basic and you will need that to continue any math course in college... and computer languages don't count as foreign language sorry. lol Go to community college, take spanish or something there and get everything you can out of the way there, trust me it will be more cost effective as well as time effective.
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Norton Norton
Call several universities' admission departments and talk to them. A lot of them have special programs to help get you prepared. They'll find a way to work with what you have. Either that or they're bad schools. Don't transfer to a school unless they can help you find a way to get in instead of saying "You're on your own."
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