Why does the US & EU oppose an Independent Crimea?

Why does the US & EU oppose an Independent Crimea? Topic: Russian case system
July 21, 2019 / By Echo
Question: I don't get why they're putting sanctions on Russia for helping Crimea to become independent after the people voted to become independent... what's the problem?
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Best Answers: Why does the US & EU oppose an Independent Crimea?

Chanelle Chanelle | 1 day ago
Ask yourself why is it that most of the Crimean people appear perfectly happy to join up with Russian Federation? Could it be that Russia is a wealthy country with more Job opportunities, and Ukraine a financial basket case? State pensions, free health care and social benefits are far higher in Russia than in the bankrupted Ukraine's creaking system. "Ukraine don't have a pot to piss in" slang for a state with no money. The Crimean people are still partying days after the referendum, Putin knew he would get the popular vote so organized the referendum to make it legal. It seems to me that the West has created the problem between Ukraine and Russia by trying to entice the Ukraine into the EU, and therefore, NATO. Crimea is and always will be of strategic importance to Russia. It is obvious that Russia could not allow its Black Sea fleet base to be incorporated into NATO and jeopardize its fleet's access to the Mediterranean Sea. It would be like Plymouth, home of the British Navy being part of the Eastern Block or Warsaw Pact as it was previously known. It is ironic that an organization set up to prevent war, EU, could be the catalyst to start one. The other twist to everything is the two faced hypocrisy of the West when you compare the US & UK have invaded scores of countries: Iraq, Afghanistan to name a few, and always, always posited as a righteous invasion. When was the last time Russia invaded a country? I'd say Afghanistan in the 1980s, the West supported the equivalent of the Taliban against Russia then; when the US % GB invaded Afghanistan a some years ago they asked Russian for assistance to fight the very same people they condemned in the 80s ...the Russians.
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Anora Anora
They are against that move , because it goes against the NATO laws . NATO was developed for that very same reason , to stop the growing manace of Russia spreading .
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Youkahainen Youkahainen
What are you talking about Independence's ? The Russian's have NO independents in their language, its their TOTAL rule or nothing. For the most part, this whole staged scam is all via Moscow, as for a referendum, its all for show.
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