The Amazon Rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest? Topic: Does photosynthesis increase global warming
July 21, 2019 / By Eartha
Question: I know how deforestation affects the Amazon and all that stuff, but how does the Amazon affect the rest of the world and other ecosystems when it is changed? thanks
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Celosia Celosia | 7 days ago
1. Photosynthesis: The large number of plants and huge trees of the Amazon convert maximum amount of solar energy into organic matter which sustains a large diversity of life. This also releases a minimum of 20% of the world's oxygen. 2. Organic matter: the tall trees contain huge amounts of carbon in their trunks, which is released into the atmosphere on cutting the trees. 3. Prevent global warming: they absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide. When these trees are cut down, the carbon already stored for hundreds of years is released and increases the level in the atmosphere. 4. The biodiversity: every species has an intrinsic value. So a large number of species are dependent on the habitat and die due to deforestation. 5. The reason for deforestation is also to be considered. Usually it is for: a. Cultivating soya beans: Acres of farmland deplete the fertility of the soil. b. Raising beef cattle: The amount of food to raise 1 cow for beef could sustain 10 people. The cows also contribute to global warming.
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Celosia Originally Answered: Opinions of the rainforest?
The primary reason for deforesting the rainforest is for economic reasons. I've read the number one reason for the deforestation is to create cattle ranches. In essence, we're trashing the rainforest to make Big Macs. Look at it this way, you're a dirt poor farmer and you're going to be paid enough money to take care of your family by cutting down the rainforest and setting up a cattle ranch. You might care about the environment, but your kids need to eat, right? Guess who wins? Kids trump trees. Now, you're a global fast food chain that wants to expand into other markets, especially growing markets like India and China. Billions more to serve. You need more land to raise cattle for slaughter to make hamburgers. You're company will make billions more in sales. As a CEO, you're company will remain profitable. More profits equal bigger bonuses and salaries. Brazil makes money by taxing the farmers and the businesses that grow from the new cattle ranches. So, from an economic perspective everything looks great until you consider that we're turning the world's largest rainforest into a desert to make Big Macs and Whoppers. Rainforests are like the kidneys of ecosystems. Losing the Amazon Rainforest would be like losing a kidney. Sure you could survive, but at what cost? One commenter to your question claimed Greenpeace was anti-human and anti-progress. Look at them from another perspective, they're standing up for the environment so that humans can live in a world that's habitable and liveable for humans and for life on earth. They ask a serious question, is it worth it to make a billion dollars today at the expense of future generations of people? Is it worth it to push numerous species into extinction for profit? Is it worth it to endanger future generations of human beings? What makes it complicated is that it is an issue that brings into conflict today's demands for business growth and the responsibility we have to our children and their children. We're out of balance with business growth and community growth. We seem to only hear the business side of the equation. Best of luck.
Celosia Originally Answered: Opinions of the rainforest?
I heard a rumor that there was a Swedish company that bought acres of rain forest in Brazil since their company was producing so much CO2. I did manage to find the time line of the Rainforest Alliance. Hope that helps a bit.

Annona Annona
The amazon is like a oxygen producer and it produces about one - third of the earths oxygen. As it is near the equator the amount of heat is reduced before the heat is carried by wind to other regions. The amazon is very applicable for factories. So most of the area, if cut, will be used for these purpose and the river will also be polluted. More and more pollution.The amazon is filled with unexplainable ecosystem. It is very important that it is saved.Shouldn't we preserve it.
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Yehowah Yehowah
These forests occupy a lot of space and it is with a wide variety of habitats. Due to photosynthesis and transpiration it helps us a lot. Photosynthesis: We get more Oxygen to breathe. Destroying that causes less O2 in the atmosphere. Transpiration: During this process, it sends out a lot of water and this induces rain. It is said that nearly 3/4 th of the water for rain is sent by these forests. So destroying this causes, loss of bio diversity and global warming.
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