I have a Summer Job Question?

I have a Summer Job Question? Topic: Summer jobs applications for 14 years olds
July 19, 2019 / By Earnestine
Question: I'm a 14 year old American Citizen in Newyork looking for a summer job, hopefully at Mcdonalds. It doesn't specifically have to be at Mcdonalds it's just that I live really close to a mcdonalds. I never had a job before, so I was wondering how this works. Do I just walk in and ask for a job? Do I need an application, resume or experience of any kind? Also if I do apply for a part time job, does it have to be monthly? Can I maybe do it for one week maybe, because I might not be in the same place all the time.
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Celinda Celinda | 6 days ago
Finding a job in New York at the age of 14 will be a major challenge. You should not expect to just walk in, ask for a job, and get one. You will need to fill out an application. Some fast food places will not accept the application without a resume. Your age and lack of experience will be negative. There are a ton of unemployed and underemployed adults currently competing for the same jobs. You should not apply for a summer job if you are not planning to be around to work. If you leave a job after one week the employer will be extremely mad that they wasted the time training you. Training most likely lasts for more than one week so you should not apply for work if you cannot commit to do the job. Summer is 1/3 of the way over. The majority of summer jobs have already been filled. You might have better luck next year when you're older.
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Annmarie Annmarie
u will need to go there and ask to speak with their manager. look him/her in the eye and ask to fill out an application. all employers r looking for employees that will do the job being on time and dependable is priority 1
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