Adult answers How do you know if your BF is truly over his ex wife?

Adult answers How do you know if your BF is truly over his ex wife? Topic: After 3 years writing letter to your ex
July 21, 2019 / By Earleen
Question: He says he wants to marry me, he loves me, we live together,etc. but at times I feel he still wants her. she left him and has someone new, after we got together, then she wanted my bf back, wrote him letters,etc. so he could've went back but their divorce isnt final yet and i feel like he is dragging it out. he says its because he cant afford the atty.& the atty said it has to paid in full to finalize the divorce. He is kinda broke but when he does have money he buys stupid stuff and when i tell him to pay the atty, he gets pissy. I understand he wants to live and have fun once in a while but pay it already!! They were seperated before for 2 almost 3 yrs. and she had a kid with someone else and he still took her back, so i'm not sure he will go through with this divorce. He is the one that filed though & he talks crap about how he's embarrssed he was with her because I'm way better looking then her...So how can I test his love for me and test him to see if he is really over her? his parents made he marry her because she was pregnant, and he says he stayed for the kids.
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Celeste Celeste | 3 days ago
stop and think dont get married yet take a step back and analize the situation if u could there are so many unresolved problems and situaions dont start another one you sound like a girl mixed up in a mess think he is still married and go with ur gut u feel it for a reason plus a very good guideline for a man DO NOT GET MERRIED THE FIRST TWO YRS AFTER A DIVORCE and another very important rule know that the first two years of a new in love relationship the "honeymoon" stage of love can conqur all is in-voluntary YOU ARE BLIND TO ALL FAULTS you think they can do no wrong you'll do anything for them,right? when this phase is over this is what marriage is and if you have this many problems and worries please take some time away to thimk or stay in the middle worry alot and decide then besdes anything like true love is worth waiting for good luck sweetie
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Celeste Originally Answered: I'm In Love With 2 Men.? Lots of Answers PLEASE! (Adult Answers Please)?
i think of you would be making a extensive mistake via leaving your fiance. the different guy would not deserve your believe or time. All of those issues you felt for him are interior the previous, and the undeniable fact that he went on a date with somebody else once you have been mutually... human beings do no longer exchange. he's a guy and that they'll say something that they comprehend you want to hearken to to get you decrease back. that's extremely disrespectful on your fiance which you would be speaking with your ex. you're in love with him now, you're no longer in love with the different guy. you like the assumption of what you used to have, however the certainty is which you do not have that anymore. previous love emotions are intense and not exchange, yet he twisted up, and that's decision that he made, and could could stay with for something of his existence.

Annita Annita
Until he gets a divorce he is STILL married...so you are living with an married man. There is NO test you can give him. You already know the answer. Until he is divorced he is and will be married to her. Either you leave the situation or you stick around and wait for the rest of your life. Getting a divorce isn't that expensive IF you really want one, there are all sorts of agencies that will help...He is using both you and his marriage to get what he wants. And you're letting him do it.
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Yahweh Yahweh
Bad Kitty, I am sorry you are going through this but here is the deal. He will always love her. he married her, right? You seem smart. Get a backbone. Swallow your pride and walk away while you can. It is a big mess and you deserve better, right? Remember, people will treat you only the way you allow them to treat you. Let him finalize the divorce and play the field a little. Don't be his rebound chick, unless you want it this way. Sorry, this is the truth.
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Sheldon Sheldon
trusting someone is hard it takes time and patience.you have to believe him or it just wont work out.i do agree with u though he does need to pay the atty and get it done and over with.why dont you surprise him and pay it for him i think that would be the altimate test.i know its expensive but if u want to test him i would think that would be the best way. no ifs ands or buts then. let us know how it works out i wish u lots of luck stay strong and u will work through it.
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Nogah Nogah
If he shows any signs of still liking her, he is not over her. This is the voice of experience talking. You have to literally hate your spouse to be over her. Otherwise, there are still feelings there. That doesn't mean you can't love someone else. It just means you are not totally over that person.
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Nogah Originally Answered: Does my wife trust me or was she just testing me? Mature answers only please?
If she were jealous and didn't trust you, trust me you would definitely know. She would question you about everything: Who that friend is at work, why you were late, check up on you with her phone, and yes, perhaps try to test you. I think this was circumstantial, in that I don't think she was testing you, it just happened that way. We all get jealous but you know it's seriously unhealthy when your loved one is denying you friendships with 50% of the population. To me it sounds like you are paranoid yourself. She showed no evidence of being jealous or distrustful of you, so why would she test you like this, if not for her own amusement? I would take this situation for its face value, and not dwell on it.

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