Where can i buy upholstery?

Where can i buy upholstery? Topic: Portland case search
July 21, 2019 / By Dulcie
Question: i bought a couch from wickes a few years ago, and the back cushions are getting flat. I'm not sure where to go and I dont want to drive everywhere looking for the right place. The cushions are shaped so that the outer sides go over the arm rests and I'm not sure if regular fabric shops sell them like that. Can anyone help? oh and i live in portland, or.
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Cecilia Cecilia | 9 days ago
I'm wondering if you're describing back cushions like I have on my couch. They're shaped like you describe, but they're not made of foam, but soft and filled with fiberfill? Just thought I would clarify because 4" foam is incredibly expensive, and seems pretty "stiff" for the back of a couch or chair... In any case, instead of driving all over town, I just use my favorite search engine to find local fabric stores or upholstery supplies and call first.
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Anngela Anngela
Joann fabrics sells foan by the yard in 1-5" widths. They have medium density and high density. I would suggest purchasing the high density and using a 50% coupon . Just print it out from the internet. Foam there is very expensive. If you want to replace the seta cushions purchase them from ebay. it's the only place I found that I could purchase it think enough. Just type in replacement foam sofa cushions in the search. Good Luck.
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Wystan Wystan
If it's the free standing cushions, an upholstery shop can cut you new foam inserts. Fabric shops such as JoAnns might have a limited supply of foam if you want to cut it yourself...the key is compress the foam when cutting. For pieces that are attached to the frame........you'd have to open the seam, pull out the foam (in one piece) and have replacements cut then reinstall. Problem is we don't know how the foam is attached and just where to cut it........but if you are brave......go for it!
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Shealtiel Shealtiel
Miss_Lady, I LOVED Portland and I miss living there if only for one summer.I worked and lived on Kirney st. Is it still there? lol Go to Joanne's Fabric store and any person there can direct you further about upholstery and the foam. Pick up a great big leaf for me this fall. We don't have them here! God Bless, Suzie
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Niven Niven
Typical Fabric stores have upholstery. The only problem is, its your foam that needs to be replaced and is causing the problem. You can take the foam out and match it.
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