What are my chances of stayin clear?

What are my chances of stayin clear? Topic: What is the problem solving plan
July 19, 2019 / By Duana
Question: Ok... so before this goes further... i kno i did the deed and gotta take responsibility for my actions but like last night... kinda had a girl over and we had sex and durin i went to pull out but i was off beat a lil and it didnt get out in time... so my question is... what are the chances of her gettin pregnant... cuz its got me messed up... i kno i shoulda just gone to the gas station and got a condom... of heck i shouldnt have even been with her last night i was suppose to go out with some other person but i cancelled on her cuz this girl and i had plans before but i forgot... so its just a whole mess of problems... like... cuz i know ive done this with my last girl friend like... 5 times... but it was kinda like whatever back then i had a good job and was ready to support and pretty much i let go in her like alot and nothin ever happend... then we broke up and like 4 months later some other dude got her prego... so lol maybe im not the most fertile dude in the world wich would be flippin awsome right now
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Originally Answered: When in life will I be at my most well and mentally clear?
The most famous way is : #include....... //your headers #include //Header file for clrscr() which is used to clear screen void main() { cout<<"anything"; clrscr(); //This line will clear the screen and then the next step will print again!!! cout<<"anything"; } But the problem is that "conio.h" is not present in many compilers so the way I prefer is using system("cls") like as follows: #include<........ #include main() { cout<<..... system("cls"); //Performs the same job and present in every compiler!!!! cout<<..... }
Originally Answered: When in life will I be at my most well and mentally clear?
Conio.h is a Windows-centric C library which has its equivalent in the UNIX/Linux world in Curses. It's available for Windows as pdcurses. Here is a page about the most common version though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ncurses By design what you are asking is not part of the C or C++ standards.

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