How can I vote for Ron Paul?

How can I vote for Ron Paul? Topic: How to write a vote of thanks
July 19, 2019 / By Drew
Question: I live in The Philippines but I support Ron Paul 100%. I know he is not on the ballot, or so I have heard, but I would like to write him in if I can. How would I go about this if it is even at all possible? What would I need and where would I go? I have a voter registration card but is that even valid in a foreign country? Oh and please, don't tell me a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obamney nor do I want to be manipulated into voting for Gary Johnson like the rest of the 'stick to the popular vote' Ron Paul 'supporters' have done. Thanks in advance! I'm honestly looking forward to any honest and helpful responses. Is it really too late?... that is terribly disappointing considering I was looking forward to writing in Ron Paul. It's okay though, I'm sure in my place there will be 5 more people who will write him in.... disappointed nonetheless. Thanks for your responses thus far.
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Caylin Caylin | 5 days ago
You should have requested your absentee ballot a long time ago. They won't be able to get you a bllot in time for the election now. But if you had gotten your ballot, yes you just write in the candidate of your choice. (EDIT: If I were you, I'd definitely contact the state, county, precinct you are registered to vote in to be sure. Maybe with the internet you can get an absentee ballot quicker now...but I beleiev they have to be mailed to you. And the election is in less than 2 weeks.)
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Hate? Man I love you Leftists. We can count on you for bringing up that silly word when anyone dares to question any government spending.
Caylin Originally Answered: Let's face it. DID Ron Paul coach his son "Rand Paul" on how to talk,speak,think,hate & brainwash him?
Wow, from your little libelous tirade it really indicates a severe disconnect from reality. If you have any evidence at all to support any of your outrageous claims, I would really like to see those links to those sources. But since those claims only exist in your confused mind, I don't think we will see any proof for your embarrassing attempt to discredit two great American patriots who actually represent all Americans who enjoy their freedoms and liberties. Was your name embrace democracy or embrace stupidity? You want "brainwashing" you merely have to watch any main stream media news broadcast. Ron and Rand can't cure stupid but a least they will defend your right to believe and speak your ignorant views.

Anne-Marie Anne-Marie
If you are hell bent on voting for Ron Paul - you will be able to write his name in on your ballot. I'm not sure why you would waste your time or effort though. He has no chance of winning and no one will care if he racks up 1% in the general election. Your time would be better spent picking your nose and playing video games.
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Wymund Wymund
I hope you can write him in, that is my plan. Why would any Conservative want to be a hypocrite and vote for Romney, he's not even close to being a Conservative.
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