Why does my Betta Fish look like a scale is coming off?

Why does my Betta Fish look like a scale is coming off? Topic: Case scales
July 19, 2019 / By Dottie
Question: I have a Betta Fish and it looks like he has a loose scale on top of his head? I have 3 Platies with him and a Mystery Snail and I know that the more inhabitants in the tank the more room for bacteria to grow? I was wondering if it is a parasite or some kind of growth? Can anyone help?
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Catrina Catrina | 2 days ago
Good for you for paying such close attention to your fish! Being observant can help you catch a lot of problems before they get out of hand. In this case though I would guess it is nothing more than a missing scale. Your bettas probably rubbed/bumped up against something or somebody in your tank took a little nip at him (a little tiff here and there is common in the community aquarium). Keep an eye on the spot to make sure a fungal infection doesn't set in, but for now you don't need ot medicate, medicines can stress your tank inhabitants, only if a fungal infection appears (unlikely though) would I add anything to the water. Good luck.
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Catrina Originally Answered: HELP! My fish tank pH and my betta?
6.8-7.4 pH and my bettas are fine. Acclimate the betta. Pour a little bit of your water in the bag. Wait 10-15 minutes. Repeat until the bag is full of water. Now, put the betta in the tank. You can put him in a bucket with the water and scoop him out with a net . Do NOT add the pet store water to your tank. It's not healthy to mix tank waters.

Anne Anne
It does sound like either a parasite or bacterial(fungal infection) Also it all depends on the size of the tank and when the last time you cleaned the filter and did a water change
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Wright Wright
The fish could just be going through a mothing phase. Check the ph level of the water in the tank in have to be just right for fish to thrive.
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Shaun Shaun
quite possibly just rubbed against something in the tank, I wouldn't worry about it unless more and more start coming off.
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Shaun Originally Answered: Questions of betta fish n names?
No, male and female Bettas can not be housed together. They're put together only very briefly when breeding. Betta breeding is a time consuming, patients testing, expensive ordeal. First step, buy a book on breeding Bettas. Join a good Betta forum. Do a TON or research. This is not an easy thing to do, and if you don't do it right, you'll have at least one dead Betta. (You might have a dead Betta anyway, but at least they'll have a chance.) Also, you'll need two very well bred Bettas, whose genetic history you know. Not Pet Shop Bettas. So... Here are the basics you need to know for your Bettas to live a long and happy lives: 1. A cycled ( http://www.firsttankguide.net/cycle.php and http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquarium... ) 5 gallon or larger aquarium is minimal for a single Betta. You could use a 10 gallon divided to house 2, so long as the divider is opaque, (transparent dividers stress the 'ell out of Bettas,) and so long as the divider reaches ALL THE WAY from the florr to the lid of the tank. Bettas can jump through very small spaces that don't look large enough for them to fit, and at some point they will. Then you'll have a disaster on your hands. 2. A filter is necessary in any tank in order to keep the water aerated and free of toxins. For Bettas it is best to set the filter flow to low, as they are not very strong swimmers. Another good option is a sponge filter. If your current filter is too strong, you can remedy it by covering the intake with a pair of pantyhose, putting a tall plant in front of the output, or follow these instructions to outfit your filter with a simple current/flow reducer: http://www.petfish.net/kb/entry/347/ 3. A heater is essential. Bettas need warm steady temperatures of about 80F, to thrive. Constant fluctuation leads to stress, which inevitably leads to disease and often death. You can find an inexpensive heater for a small tank at any fish store. 4. In a 5-gallon or larger tank, weekly 25% water changes, using a gravel siphon are necessary. Water conditioner must be added to the new water before it is put in the tank to remove toxic chlorine, chloramine, metals, etc. Never change all of your Bettas water, as this shock your Betta, and ultimately weaken him. The Betta stays IN the aquarium during water changes. 5. Bettas enjoy a well planted aquarium, (use live or silk plants, plastic can tear their fins,) with a cave or two for exploring and resting. The tank should not, however, be stuffed with plants, as Bettas also need a good amount of room to swim. (And swim they will if given enough space.) 6. Feed your Betta a good staple, carnivore- specific, pellet or flake diet, substituting frozen foods such as brine shrimp and blood worms several times per week. Reserve one day per week for fasting. When properly cared for, Bettas have been known to live for 10 years. I have personally known them to live for 6. Betta info: http://www.firsttankguide.net/betta.php http://www.fishlore.com/Articles/betta-fish-care-guide.htm http://www.caringforbettafish.org/ Good luck. Oh, and there are lists of Betta names all over the internet. IMO though, it's best to get to know your fishy, and give them a name based on their "fishonalities".

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