26 yr old, living w/parents, no job. What can I do?

26 yr old, living w/parents, no job. What can I do? Topic: Paid article writing jobs
June 20, 2019 / By Dorine
Question: I am unemployed (for 3 months now). I have an English degree, graduated 5 years ago, but have been in and out of low-paid employment since. It's depressing because: * I can't afford to live independently yet and hate it, have nightmares of homelessness * I get on fine with my parents but they're bored of having me around. I know my situation depresses my mother too, I heard her say so * I don't have great self-esteem * I don't have a social life as a result of having no cash, & get lonely * I'm incapable of saving - I save it but spend it in 6 months! However, I am: 1. Looking actively for work 2. Volunteering 3. Brushing up on skills What options can I pursue despite what I'm already doing? How can I get help? And is this a normal situation? I'm female, so not joining the services as slaughter fodder. :)
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Cateline Cateline | 5 days ago
two places that are hiring are the government and also in healthcare. Go to your state's job services in your city and apply for government jobs. Healthcare on the other hand starts with temporary employment agencies. Older folks like me are used to permanent jobs but out there today is a lot of temporary jobs or people who do computer work, whether that be data entry or something to do with legal or writing articles, are all temporary work and you go from one job to the next. When one job is completed you do another job search for another writing project. If you had some work experience already you'd have some self esteem (confidence in your skills) so if you don't have work experience then volunteer work will help you get some. To live today like in an efficiency apartment you'd need $1500 or more in deposits to get started plus the rent, utilities, transportation, your cell phone, etc. so you'd need to earn at least $12 an hour (dependong on where you live and how you live. Usually a higher paid job involves some sort of computer work. How are your computer skills? How about your research skills? today things move at a fast pace, are your skills fast? You need a specialized field and a job that requires a degree. Take a look at different jobs and determine if your skills fit the job description. Those that do you should apply for. You should also apply for jobs where your parents and relatives work. Get into networking groups to find out where the jobs are (that could be with the state or with your church). If you're incapable of saving then invest in yourself, and when the money does come in make sure you invest it in saving for a project, earmark it "for a home" "for a new car", "for investing", or "for an apartment". If you can get an automatic deposit from your check into that account that's best. Or you might have one for "my masters degree" or "courses for my specialty career", or"retirement roth fund" Times have been tough but jobs are starting to come back. I know grocery store baggers who once were middle managers. Opening your own business is not an option at this time. keep reading up on the internet what jobs you with your skills could get into.
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Cateline Originally Answered: What do you think of children in their mid-20s (25-29) still going to school living off their parents?
If you are a full time student and get good grades but you still need help from mom and dad I don't see that as too bad. If the student lives in the dorms and is trying to grow up on their own (pay their own cell phone bill, pay for their own gas, pay for food, etc) The fact that you're trying to do the right thing is important. Keep with your education! That is most important. Although I feel after a person is 21 they should be 100% self-reliant, in college student situations the terms are different. The most important thing for a parent is to see their child happy and healthy. If you get your degree and then move on and have a successful life, your parents will be so proud of you. They are happy to help you in your journey, I'm sure. Have you tried talking to them? Tell them how you feel. They would appreciate the fact that you feel guilty about still needing to be dependent on them and are trying to become more of an adult.

Annabella Annabella
I'm not sure why you post this under "Real Estate", but regardless, 3 months is not a long period to be unemployed in today's economy. What you fail to touch on in your posting is what you WANT to do. What are your career goals and what are you doing to make them a reality? If you don't know where you're going, you'll never get there.
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Winston Winston
Quit wasting time playing "Sims2 University" Quit wasting time on Yahoo!Answers Go get a volunteer job doing something you love.....it will safeguard your sanity, AND fill this "gap" on your resume.... How are you "actively looking for work"? It is VERY unusual for a degreed person to be out of work for three months, there may be something you are doing to sabotage yourself...take a careful look at your approach, and maybe ask someone in their late 30s what you might be doing "wrong"... Best wishes...
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Shamir Shamir
Go out and look for a job. Meet new people. Have friends. Believe in yourself. Think about your parents, do something that could help them don't be a burden to them but instead take care of them. Be positive.
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Shamir Originally Answered: Can i get my parents arrested for living in a over small apartment?
That sounds really rough but do you really think getting the law involved would help?!?! If that happened, you would probably get taken away from your parents, be fined, or something just as bad that would only make your situation worse, not better. 90,000 is plenty of money to live on elsewhere, but living in NYC is the problem. If your family could find jobs outside of the city, or live far in suburbs then you could live in a pretty nice house. Although your conditions are rough, getting your parents arrested would mean that there was no income for your family so i'm not sure what your logic is on that. How the hell is that supposed to help you? even if there is a law, it would only make your situation worse. There are people in the world that are far worse off than you. You should be glad you have somewhere to live, and not try to get your parents into jail because they can't afford anything else

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