Can a person collect child support from 2 states on the same children?

Can a person collect child support from 2 states on the same children? Topic: Case state bank
July 21, 2019 / By Dorinda
Question: I have been paying child support on two current orders to the State of Colorado. (One case for my two older children, the other order on my two younger children). My ex wife lives in Wyoming, the Colorado payments get sent to her there. I just found out recently that she has been collecting Wyoming State (child support/welfare) services. Both are running concurrently. Is that legal? What can I do? Who do I contact? I have contacted the Family Support Registry of both States, they both told me to contact the other state. I failed to mention this. I have been paying my child support since 1992. I have no problem, what so ever, on paying my obligations. But I am now being sought after for child support arrears from Wyoming. Colorado still holds jurisdiction.
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Cate Cate | 4 days ago
I don't know the welfare eligibility rules in Wyoming. If your wife qualifies even with your child support in the calculation, then she qualifies. You can't do anything about that. But if she did not tell the state of Wyoming she collects child support from you then that could impact her eligibility. This is what I would do. Forget Colorado. Your ex wife does not live there and she isn't collecting welfare benefits from Colorado. Leave Colorado out of this. Call the Wyoming welfare office and inquire about eligibility rules. Don't mention Colorado. Just tell them your ex wife is drawing welfare benefits and collecting child support from you. Don't tell them how she gets her child support. That is not relevant. When the day is done it comes out of your bank account and ends up in her bank account. How it gets to her is irrelevant.
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Cate Originally Answered: How do you collect child support from a parent who works under the table?
I would try to inform his employer, as far as trying to obtain some kind of paystub...Or better yet if you know where he works obtain that information...and build a case. You would be the Petitioner and he would be the Respondent...It would be time consuming, but it may be worth it.Just remember there is nothing in a Try but a Fail..You will find a way, because God will lead the way..

Annabell Annabell
The actual child support payment comes from you. Either you pay the state or it is deducted from your paycheck. The state then pays the custodial parent from that money. If she is living in Wyoming, she can be collecting welfare, medical, and/or cash assistance from that state, since it is separate from child support. The welfare, medical and cash assistance are all programs that are funded through state and federal taxes, and not from an individual. Child support payments come from an individual, not public source.
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Winslow Winslow
Don't try to get out of paying child support. If your single ex wife who is taking care of your children is getting some extra income, let her. What kind of further hardship or trauma would your kids go through if they knew their dad was forcing their mom back into court so they could have a lower standard of living? Try not to "get back" at your ex wife, it will only hurt the kids in the long run.
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Shamer Shamer
If yet another guy has custody then funds would desire to pass to him if **** hits the fan. yet, finding in at your difficulty, the mummy would desire to be the two in charge for that fee. absolutely everyone does not pay for intercourse for 18 years you pay for the wellness of the newborn. which skill who ever has custody would desire to get fee. he's already having to pay, do not permit him make yet another fee on any motor vehicle. purchase the newborn outfits, footwear and different issues which you will write off as a fee, make confident that who ever has custody gets this and keep receipts. If in deed she tries to combat this in courtroom then they're going to ask her why she has not had custody of the newborn and does not have receipts that she has forwarded/ transferred the money to the criminal parent. determine you may deliver all financial employer statements of him making her motor vehicle fee.
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Shamer Originally Answered: I have three children two are over 18 do I still have to pay the same amount of child support?
Who told you that? Was it a lawyer who reviewed your current child support orders, and the incomes of both yourself and your ex? If not, then the advice you got may not be worth the paper it was written on. (Not written? Yes, my point exactly!) Here are some possibilities, information, and suggestions: NO - you don't have to pay the same amount, IF your child support orders specify that support is for your CHILDREN UNDER18; ($amount/child) OR YES - you do have to pay the same amount UNTIL you can get those orders changed, IF there is just some lump sum in your child support orders, to be paid UNTIL your last child turns 18, BUT REMEMBER: YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to go to court and ask a Judge to modify (lower) your child support orders!!! Florida Statute (s. 61.30 F.S.) requires certain guidelines be used in modifying existing child support obligations in a Florida court. These guidelines take into consideration all income and earnings of both parents and the children’s health care needs. They are complicated. Luckily, you can find a calculator at http://www.alllaw.com/calculators/childs... Put in your income & expenses for child care, your ex’s, the time you both spend with the kids, etc. You'll get a number. This is an estimate of what a court might order you to pay. If that number is at least 10% less than you are paying now, you should petition the court for a downward modification of your support orders. Your modification petition would be based on the changed circumstances of your children becoming adults, one no longer dependent on your ex-spouse, a lower income for you, etc. Just think of all the things that have changed in your life since that support order was issued! REMEMBER: You probably shouldn’t just stop paying your court-ordered child support, unless the order says the support for the two 18 year olds has ended! Since you’re asking this question on Yahoo, I guess you either don’t have your support order, or you can’t read it for some reason, and you haven’t consulted with an attorney who can explain it to you properly. You can ask the court where you got your divorce to mail you a copy of that order. It will probably get to you within a few weeks of your written request. Just find their web site, or give them a call, and they will tell you how to do it. If you read you support order carefully, or have someone read it to you, then you will probably have the answer to your question If you don’t understand your support orders, or if you want to modify them, you will need legal help. The whole process is somewhat complicated. If you can’t afford to hire a Family Law attorney, then check for free or low cost legal help at your local court, and at the court where you got your divorce. You can also apply to the Florida Child Support Enforcement Services for a review of your case. Call them at 1-800-622-KIDS (5437). GOOD LUCK!

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