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June 20, 2019 / By Dora
Question: a 14 year old boy is having trouble breathing and sever difficulty in opening his mouth i.e his jaws are locked, the bacteria found in him after tests is Clostridium tetani. the boy said he frequently bites his nails and he doesn't regularly brush his teeth. the boy has had random muscle spasms and harsh headaches. i think its tetanus ? no no its just a case scenario im a med student.. i just wanted to know if i had it down right. thankx for the extra info though
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Cass Cass | 8 days ago
You are correct and I have given you two websites which you can check out the symptoms yourself:)..I hope the boy is on medication and being attended to by the doctors. If he bites his nails, he has probably got the infection from fecal matter from generally horse manure or an infection from that source. His not brushing his teeth has nothing to do with the tetanus. Clostridium tetani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Clostridium tetani is a rod-shaped, anaerobic bacterium of the genus Clostridium. Like other Clostridium species, it is Gram-positive, and its appearance on ... History - Characteristics - Vaccination - Toxicity en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clostridium_teta... - Cached - Similar Clostridium tetani Research project by Brennen Unrein on this anaerobic pathogenic bacterium which causes tetanus, including its classification, nutrition, adaptation and ... bioweb.uwlax.edu/bio203/s2008/unrein_b... - Cached - Similar
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Anita Anita
Are you sure you don't already know what he has? If you know what the bacterium is inside of him from medical tests and his symptoms, it seems to me like you already have the diagnosis. However, it seems a tad bit strange for any one of that age to get tetanus if they are in America. I do believe at that age the vaccination for school is still effective. Biting nails and not brushing his teeth have nothing to do with it. However, I would confront him the the teeth thing. It is a good and healthy habit to brush your teeth. Without proper hygienic care, this could lead to other costly and risky health problems quickly.
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That "teen advantage" is complete and total junk. In fact, it is damaging your body by damaging the DNA of your cells. It is made with synthetic chemical activators and loaded with excipients that are suppressing your immune system, trans fat, and nutrient absorption inhibitor (Magnesium Stearate). The diarrhea is most likely from the Mira-lax garbage. The ingredient is a petroleum distillate, Polyethylene Glycol. There is nothing natural about it, yet they call it a "Natural" laxative. The only thing it does is treat the symptom and NOT the "root cause" of your digestive problem. That is called "MAKE BELIEVE HEALTH." You need to find out what is the underlying root cause of your digestive issues. Doctors are NOT trained to do this, they treat symptoms. Typically, diarrhea is due to a few things, such as bad bacteria from food you ate, the lack of good intestinal flora from taking any antibiotics, drinking chlorinated water, using ANY fluoridated products, or even just eating the SAD diet (standard American diet). The lack of good salt is another reason. Since your Adrenal Glands are responsible for keeping water in your colon, if they are exhausted from eating high carb, low salt, low fat diets, you will get constipation easily from that alone. The lack of good drinking water will also contribute heavily to constipation. If you are not getting enough sleep (you need a minimum of 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep to recharge your adrenals), you will be fatigued due to exhausted adrenal glands. What typically happens to the average American today is that they eat the SAD diet and end up with exhausted adrenal glands, getting their limited energy from cortisol (the stress hormone made in the body), and not eating enough fat to sustain health and limiting salt intake that creates low stomach acid (that is responsible for sanitizing food and breaking down food properly), then they get sick and go to the doctor who administers "Make Believe Health" by giving them drugs like antibiotics that destroy 3/4 of the immune system and then they start on a cascade of events leading to chronic illnesses. I suggest you see someone who understands how the body works from a health perspective and knows how nutrition builds the body up instead of tearing it down with drugs. In the old days, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, etc. were what amused us on T.V., but today, the drug commercials are where most people are getting their laughs when they start listing the so called "side effects" of drugs; death, loss of eye sight, permanently disabled, diarrhea, etc. Antacids are a big contributor to many illnesses regarding digestive issues. The $50 billion dollar revenue generated by them is quite an incentive for drug companies and doctors to prescribe them no matter what it costs the patient in bad health for doing so. Acid indigestion is caused by a lack of good stomach acid. Lactic acid forms from rotting, putrefying food because there is not enough stomach acid to digest the food and so the sits and rots and you get an acid feeling. Doctors give you an antacid and you feel better because the acid feeling isn't there, but now you get the booby prize, rotting mass of chyme moving through your body throwing off toxins everywhere. Does that sound like a good idea to you? So now they make a clever marketing acronym and call it a "disease," GERD. Now, you feel good because it has a name and they have a solution. Clever. The real problem is lack of stomach acid or how your body is utilizing stomach acid, NOT TOO MUCH! So, instead of solving the problem they promote drugs to allow you the privilege of providing them with money to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed, leaving you with "MAKE BELIEVE HEALTH." I strongly suggest you solve your digestive problems by becoming healthy. Go see a Certified Nutritional Therapist that can advise you. They can test you and tell you specifically what nutrients you are lacking and help you get on the road to REAL HEALTH. good luck to you
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