I may have a major period emergency?

I may have a major period emergency? Topic: Case show in july
July 21, 2019 / By Donaldina
Question: This summer from july 31 to august7 my family and I are going on a beach vacation. My periods have always been really unregular and in march I missed then in April it was unusually heavy and I had cramps.it lasted about 5 days and then I had spotting for two and still wore a pad two more days in case. So I judged using a period tracker on my iPod and according to the tracker I'm supposed to have my period from the very first day until the day we leave. This would totally stink and make the trip a lot less enjoyable for me and possibly my family if I'm moody.( which isn't usually due to my period). So basically what im saying is I need to get tampons some how with out anybody knowing. My mom thinks April was my first period so she probably won't mention tampons or quite a while. Or a menstrual cup. Where could I get one not online. Again without anybody knowing? There is a Friday that I have to walk home so this was when I was planning to get what I need. I can either go to a stop and shop, walgreens, trader joes, or cvs. But I prefer not cvs because Everyone goes there after school to buy snacks and gum and it would be embarassing. How much would this stuff cost roughly and what would be better? Any suggested brands would be great. Again it's only for a week that I really need the tampons or menstrual cup. ( yes I know the risks of tampons and would only wear it wile at the beach. But I would prefer a menstrual cup.) also I would need to hide whatever it is I use from my family while on vaca. Note: I may be visiting my aunt sometime in July or august and my grandmother in July or august and it's possible I would need thus stuff then too. Thanks all answers are appreciated:)
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Cary Cary | 4 days ago
There's no reason to let your period ruin your holiday. There's nothing you can't do on your period, and you can avoid cramps or moodiness, as you don't leave for your vacation until July 31st you have more than enough time to prepare. This is also assuming you have your period - if your periods are not regular than you may not menstruate at this time at all, an iPod app can't predict your period that accurately. Menstrual cups are obviously a better option as they're safer so can be worn for 12 hours, with any flow and overnight, plus better for swimming too as can be worn with light flow, don't absorb water, nothing shows outside your body, and they don't leak like tampons. They will be hard to get as they cost around $35 - if you do want to get them online Divacup's http://www.divacup.com is the biggest brand where you live and their web site has a store locator, or just try pharmacies and health stores. Divacup isn't the best brand by far, but without shopping online you're options are limited. You may want to try getting softcups - http://www.softcup.com - these are a similar idea to menstrual cups so much safer than tampons and thus can be worn for 12 hours at any point in your cycle too, they are a bit trickier to use but they would be easier for you to find as they can be bought from a lot more supermarkets and pharmacies, plus they're cheaper as they're disposable. I do believe they sell softcups in Walgreens, they cost around $10.49 for 24 - as they can be worn for 12 hours and can be reused a few times before disposal so work out cheaper than tampons. Tampons should be avoided because they really aren't healthy and as you've not had your periods for a while it's not a good idea to use them as you won't know your flow well enough yet to know what absorbency to use. Remember too tampons can't be worn with light flow, overnight, for more than 6 hours, and they leak. Tampons will cost around $8.99 for a pack of 36 - remember you would need a few different absorbencies and pads too. If you get tampons go for Cottons, Natracare or Seventh Generation - these are cotton and not chemically treated so far lower risk of TSS and infections, no risk from toxin exposure either, you'd probably find these easier at health stores. I'd personally say to talk to your mom, see if she can buy you a menstrual cup online, or softcups or tampons - it'll save you money and having to hide things. If she doesn't agree to buy you cups or tampons THEN go about getting them yourself if you still want them. Another option is to either induce your period early or delay it. As long as you have ovulated you can induce your period a little earlier, parsley tea and vitamin C are the safest methods to use to induce your period a little earlier. You can get medication from your doctor such as provera that you can take during your holiday to delay your period then stop taking it when you get back home to bring on your period.
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Angellina Angellina
Just tell your mom you want tampons for the trip? I'm sure she'll understand. I mean, you're gonna be swimming! But if you really must go behind her back, just take like $10 up to any store or gas station and buy them. I would reccomend the "U by Kotex" brand. They're really good for younger girls.I don't know what a menstrual cup is.. I'm only 14 myself but I've been using tampons since I was 12. My mom was okay with it. She told me right away I'd like tampons better right away. I think you should tell her. I hope I helped! Even a little bit :) Good luck, hun!
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Willoughby Willoughby
Just a thought that occurred when reading your post. Why not consider using an oral contraceptive? This will regulate your periods, so you knew exactly when you are due. In a lot of cases it also decreases the severity of pain and bleeding. And you can also skip your period altogether for when you are going on holiday.
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