How to ask a professor for extra credit and actually convince them?

How to ask a professor for extra credit and actually convince them? Topic: First grade homework for free
June 26, 2019 / By Dominique
Question: I need to pull my grade from a B to an A… Please help, suggestions, what should I say, how should I say it?
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Carrie Carrie | 2 days ago
Expect that most professors absolutely do not give extra credit, so don't get your hopes up. You should first ask about other ways besides extra credit that you could bring your grade up. For example, if you have any papers or exams left in the class, figure out what you would have to make on it in order to pull your grade up. Then talk to your professor about what you did wrong on your past ones and how you could improve, or about how you might approach studying for it more effectively. If there is a grade for class participation, ask your professor what kind of things you could say or add to class that would make her consider raising your participation grade. AFTER you have discussed those things, then you can ask if there is any way that you could get extra credit, for example by redoing a past paper to fix the mistakes or by doing an extra problem or writing an entirely new paper. DON'T make excuses unless you have a really good one. For the record, a really good one is pretty much limited to situations where your dad died or you broke a leg during the semester. The reason you want to discuss your past mistakes and how you can improve them first is that you don't want to come across like you're looking for a free hand out here that no one else is getting. You want to make it clear that you care about the class and your performance, and you are willing to work hard in other ways... but also you wonder if there's any extra work you can do in addition to the normal stuff. If you have never spoken to your professor outside of class before, you haven't participated in class, have not turned in homework before, or generally you haven't appeared like you've cared before, then don't expect that your professor will particularly care what you have to say.
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Angell Angell
Just ask, especially if it's a B to A and not something like F to D a professor may be willing to work with you. Possibly ask if you could attend a lecture event based on the same subject as the class and write a paper for extra credit, almost all of my classes have offered that option.
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Willie Willie
@KyliAnn covered it quite well. And there's one other thing to remember. When you ask for the opportunity to go for extra credit, you're asking the professor to commit to doing extra work him/herself. The prof has to grade yet another assignment -- yours. They hate that. I know because I used to be that prof. I NEVER gave extra credit. A lot of profs won't.
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