How can I convince a potential employer I am the one to hire?

How can I convince a potential employer I am the one to hire? Topic: How to write a acting script
July 21, 2019 / By Dolina
Question: I have a second and final interview on Thursday and I want to show the company I am the one to hire....any suggestions?
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Carlyn Carlyn | 5 days ago
Call and ask the person who invited you (the HR person) what the position requires. Or look at the detailed job description from the information they gave you. Do your homework, look for ways you can explain how you will apply one of your skillsets to the job requirements. Or relate how YOUR Attributes fit in with the company's goals and values or mission or something like that. Think of ways to connect your skills to the job and the company. Then write yourself a little script (one or two lines) about the benfit, and talk about it at the interview. But don't talk too much. Stay calm. And if given an offer, be silent for a moment to act like your are thinking about it. Then ask if you can sleep on it, before giving them a commitment. I would.
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Carlyn Originally Answered: Can a potential employer ask your present employer how much you make?
I believe they can...and, I've seen it done. The last 3 companies where I worked had a policy that said they can't give references, but HR can validate work dates and verify salary. I believe they can not just openly call to request. I think they need to have provided an offer, and I think they need to provide the figure you gave them & then HR can validate it. But, they can not go phishing for it randomly. Also, many offer letters will have a clause in there saying it's dependent on reference checks, passing drug test and validation of work history, etc...in otherwards, that you didn't lie on your application or misrepresent yourself. Some companies will also do background checks. Companies appear to be doing this more over the last 5 yrs. That being said, they may not check and/or they may not check all of the details. Good luck in getting the job. Edit: I'm just reading above response re: people could take legal action. That is precisely why most companies say they won't give references...because people could sue them for that. But, they can validate work dates, position titles & salary. Also, most companies where you are trying to find a job have you fill out an application. And, that application asks you to sign and say that you were truthful in answers. Some also have a clause saying it's okay for them to check the info...but, they won't do that until they are about to make you an offer.

Ange Ange
I was a recruiter for 7 years and I interviewed alot of people for position. The best tip I can tell you always do your research about the company and the position. The more you know about this the more you can explain and answer questions they ask that will be an asset to the position. Please no matter what don't talk money when you are in there. Unless they bring it up that is the quickest way to tell them you are not interested in the company but the salary perks.
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Wilf Wilf
Learn as much about the company and what they do, as you can...then go in there and tell them what you can do for their company. Really sell yourself...they need to feel they'd be nuts to let you walk out of there without a job.
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Schuyler Schuyler
Act like you're talking to your dad and or mom in confidence meaning don't give them the impression that you're lying, phony and or a mouth piece. Don't act desperate.
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Schuyler Originally Answered: When a potential employer requests a bio, what are they looking for?
Unfortunately, the bio is like a quick summary of you. Typically you include education information, interests and hobbies, clubs or organizations you belonged/belong to, family (like if you're married and have kids). It is written kind of like an obituary is written, (sorry for the comparison). Like Sally smith was born in anytown, USA and pursued her interests in biology at the college of the US where she also studied french and belonged to the chess club. During her 4 yrs there she worked at numerous locations, expanding her skills in....After her graduation, she obtained a position with...and moved to Alabama with her dog and cat. In efforts to continue to challenge herself, she sought out a more interesting position with ...where she is currently employed. Sally lives with her boyfriend and 3 children. You get the idea right?

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