Father-in-law issues?

Father-in-law issues? Topic: The sisters short story questions and answers
July 15, 2019 / By Dolanna
Question: (Ok I will try to make this short) For 10 years my husband supported his mom, dad and sister cause they all lived together. every month my father in law will say can u lend me money for rent or car payment or gas or light every month it was the same story ... My husband bought my in laws 2 houses, he has bought his dad 2 cars and his sister and mom a car. my sister in law doesnt work and never has shes 36 years old and because she lives with her parents obviuosly my husband supports her too. We bought a business and my father in law was the manager my husband has his regular job and would only go to the business after work...There were always alot of people going to our business so we figure it was going good. 1 year later my husband said we dont have money anymore I said what (we had a big house, brand new cars, nice name brand sunglasses, purses, go eat fancy restaurants) everything nice and fancy. So from 1 month to the other we have no money and the business closed I blame my father in law cause he was in charge and we trusted him. 2 weeks later he leaves his wife of 36 years from 1 day of out the blue. (he left her cause my husband couldnt give him money anymore and he didnt want to support her anymore) but he told his wife that she doesnt show him affection anymore..then i found out later that he is going out with the mother of my ex-best friend. when he was part of the family he would only come in holidays or the kids birthday partys...and after he left my mother in law my husband stop talking to him and his brother, my mother in law doesnt talk to him only the sister. that was 2 years ago He's done alot more stuff but im sure i wrote enough... Now my husband wants to talk to his dad to ask him why he did everything that happen. and he wants his dad to see the kids cause his the grandpa but I dont want him to see my kids I can't stand him (father-in-Law) I'm fine like this without him. Because of him now i dont have anyhting i rent, i have 1 vehicle and I verly have money to buy myself a shirt and pants. I'm afraid that by my husband talking to him to answer his questions that he will be back in the picture cause my husband says well he didnt commit a crime or did something so bad (but i feel bad for my husband cause he was really close to him but i dont feel bad for father-in-law) Do you think I'm doing good by telling my husband that I dont want to see his father? I'm ok if he talks to him but only to answer his questions and thats it but i dont want my kids to see his grandpa ( i know its not the kids fault but they dont even ask for him or even miss him)
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Carlotta Carlotta | 3 days ago
I think you should let him see his father. reason for this is because if you keep him from his father, it could blow up in your face; he may even resent you for it later. My mother-in-law is a horrible person(read my question "Do you think I'm wrong for not going to easter at my mother-in-laws house?") I have always encouraged my husband to keep his relationship with his mother even as awful as she treats him. My mom and I don't talk...Haven't for 6 years now and it hurts. you can always allow him to see his father and the grandchildren should be able to see their granddaddy. It doesn't mean you have to be around him! Jess
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Anetta Anetta
Stop giving your father in law money becuz then all they will expect is more, more, more and more. Soon they will become so dependent on you they will drive you crazy! However yes your husband should go see him and bring the kids so maybe it will make the father in law feel guilty that he is taking all the opportunities away from your children. If you don't go see him it may blow up in your face becuz he may resent you forever however just tell him there will be no more loaning of money.. Otherwise he will become to dependent like I said earlier.
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Anetta Originally Answered: Do I have a good relationship with my father and do I have abandonment issues?
I say get some counseling. Counseling isn't bad, all it does is it allows you to air out your problems and what you need to do will come to you--either professionally or with an older peer. About drawing comics and mangas, I had a crush and now I'm writing it as a series it's a great way to air out your fantasies and make a profit too. Also, get out of your head too, make new friends, keep those friends, understand that people will come and go in your life sometimes it's you and other times it's just life weeding people out of your life so that you can become a lot better
Anetta Originally Answered: Do I have a good relationship with my father and do I have abandonment issues?
Im very confused with your issues... if ur bio dad isnt there then let go, i know its hard (trust me my parents were divorced then my mom remarried and after 8 years he sends a letter saying he misses me and crap even though he terminated ALL his parental rights.) its wayyy adorable that you have a crush gay or not, try focusing on that instead, your personality thing in your head is normal, this is really interesting and i hope you can try this: how about drawing? idk if u thinks its lame or weird to make comics or mangas but if you make one about ur crush and yourself (appropiate and practical so its easier) with changed names and probably different faces you can probaby make different characters as well, if you cant draw try writing :) if ur dad is there fake suck up. sit him down and tell him you are going to change, listen to his "criticism" and think it over, tell him your future plans and what not.Get him to respect you and he WILL respect you back, And you cant just give a little respect. it will take time. you have to be patient and think ahead in life :) if u need any more help or wanna talk u can message me (in a non creepish way) I hope i helped, truly.

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