What on earth were they thinking when they made the Hunger Games Movie?

What on earth were they thinking when they made the Hunger Games Movie? Topic: Movie case stand
July 21, 2019 / By Dodie
Question: I'm not a nerdy reader that is going to sit here and list the ways they got it wrong in comparison to the book. Yes, they really missed the soul of the material, but even ignoring that and looking at it as a stand alone movie, it was horrible!! They did the Cloverfield camera shake for EVERY other scene, even the nice quiet moments. The CG for the panoramic shots of the Capitol was worse than the added scenes in the original Starwars Trillogy remakes. The costumes were a sorry sorry joke and the death scenes were just un-shocking. It's a movie about kids KILLING each other and they dulled it down until they got a family friendly rating... COME ON!! Why did this movie get such good ratings???
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Carlota Carlota | 2 days ago
I have to agree with you! The movie should have been made a 15. I could have MURDERED that camera man! How hard is it to keep a camera still. ffs. But I don't know if that was done on purpose, just so the younger audience wouldn't 'see' what was happening. In that case.....DON'T take your child to see it! Simple! The 'costumes' sucked lemons! Was that meant to look like fire? lol I partly have to say I like it, only because it stayed fairly true to the book.......but it's NOT fantastic! How can your other answers say that??? PMSL They really need to broaden their movie watching!
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Carlota Originally Answered: What is a good movie to compare to the Hunger Games movie?
How about the film that started the craze for human hunting human films, the 1932 film "The Most Dangerous Game" starring Fay Wray (King Kong) and Joel McCae In it famous big game hunter and author Bob Rainsford (Joel McCrea) is the sole survivor of a shipwreck. He swims to a small, lush island. He becomes the guest of the expatriate Russian Count Zaroff (Leslie Banks), a fellow hunting enthusiast. Zaroff remarks that Bob's misfortune is not uncommon; in fact, four people from the previous sinking are still staying with him: Eve Trowbridge (Fay Wray), her brother Martin (Robert Armstrong), and two sailors. That night, Zaroff introduces Bob to the Trowbridges and reveals his obsession with hunting. During one of his hunts, a Cape buffalo inflicted a head wound on him. He eventually became bored of the sport, to his great consternation, until he discovered "the most dangerous game" on his island. Bob asks if he means tigers, but Zaroff denies it. Later, Eve shares her suspicions of Zaroff's intentions with the newcomer. The count took each sailor to see his trophy room, on different days, and both have mysteriously disappeared. She believes their host is responsible, but Bob is unconvinced. Then Martin vanishes as well. In their search for him, Bob and Eve end up in Zaroff's trophy room, where they find a man's head mounted on the wall. Then, Zaroff and his men appear, carrying Martin's body. Zaroff expects Bob to view the matter like him and is gravely disappointed when Bob calls him a madman. He decides that, as Bob refuses to be a fellow hunter, he must be the next prey. If Bob can stay alive until sunrise, Zaroff promises him and Eve their freedom. However, he has never lost the game of what he calls "outdoor chess". Eve decides to go with Bob. Eventually, they are trapped by a waterfall. When Bob is attacked by a hunting dog, Zaroff shoots and the young man falls into the water. Zaroff takes Eve back to his fortress to enjoy his prize. However, the dog was shot, not Bob. Bob fights first Zaroff, then his henchmen, killing the henchmen. As Bob and Eve speed away in a motor boat, the dying Zaroff tries to shoot them. Unsuccessful, he succumbs to his wounds. He falls out of a window into the pack of his frenzied hunting dogs. The film has been remade several times and the influence for numerous films from the Hunger Games, to the Running Man, to Turkey Shoot, to Hard Target, to well the list just goes on. But it all started with this 1932 film.

Aneta Aneta
I never read the books but they did a lot of things right. 1) - A beautiful cast and A-list character actors like Woody Harrelson. 2) - A clever Director who was able to invoke more violent images in the minds of the audience then ever shown on screen. I was fascinated by the twitter feeds as kids described carnage that was never shown. 3) - A lead character that plausibly wins a murderous rampage without actually killing (or even stalking) any innocent kids. 4) - A brilliant marketing campaign that had millions of kids swooning over the stars before it even hit theatres. Say what you will, this is a classic movie that will become a bigger franchise than Twilight. My guess is Katniss must lead some kind of Spartacus like revolt in the next book - unless she takes a job as a murderess in the next games. As for the costumes? They WILL get a Oscar nomination, along with make-up
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Wilbur Wilbur
Uh, no. They did the best they could. Books and movies are two different things. As a movie, it works just fine. Things need to be altered when there's a movie version, there's just no way you could make a 13 hour book into a 2 hour movie. Things need to be changed. The waterd down rating is a result of getting the movie to be seen by its target audience. If you're looking for a movie about kids killing each other, watch Battle Royale.
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Sanford Sanford
I agree with the person above me... How can you say that... You must have been watching a different movie cause the hunger games was fantastic
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Sanford Originally Answered: Is Hunger Games an Illuminati movie?
The Illuminati used to exist. They were pretty powerful, too. But nowadays, it is nearly impossible for the Illuminati to exist. Think about it from what is called a rational point of view, get your head out of the clouds, away from Dan Brown books, and THINK. It's the ideals and beliefs of the Illuminati that drive the illusion of their existence into modern day. Oh yeah, The Hunger Games is definitely completely evil and it had underlying sound tones and messages hidden inside it that will turn our subconscious away from God and into Hell. That makes TOTAL sense. You do realize that there's this thing called being a writer...coming up with ideas, like say, an alternate future. The Hunger Games isn't even an original book, either! The idea has been used before, in books like "The Long Walk" or "The Running Man," which actually both happen to be by Stephen King. And there's supposedly a Japanese book that is VERY similar to the Hunger Games. So your point about this "evil" movie has just been made moot. But I guess, now that you know this, all those other books are also evil and intended on destroying the world. Obviously, you're going to disregard this comment because you're so tight in your certainty that the Illuminati does exist. Well, i must agree with the first answer on here. That person knows what they're talking about. You, my friend, are a bit of an idiot, sorry to say

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