What are some funny rules to have for a house party?

What are some funny rules to have for a house party? Topic: Case series or cohort meaning
July 21, 2019 / By Dlila
Question: i'm trying to make rules for a house party i'm going to have, but want them to be somewhat funny, so i don't come off as sounding like a killjoy or an as^hole. any and all suggestions are appreciated. and there may be some 'illicit activities' occurring, so if you'd like to address how to regulate them (but DEFINITELY not take them out of the equation) please be my guest! (: thank you for any and all help! (: Isabella- see, that's not a rule. that's more of a stupid idea for a game. i mean, if you're gonna play naked twister, at LEAST play it to Crazy ***** by Buckcherry! The Truth Hurts- there will be no chaperones. this is just a bunch of 17 year olds running amok. as one of these 17 year olds, i need help controlling my cohorts..
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Carlin Carlin | 10 days ago
Here are some ideas: 1. Have a Key Master: collects all car and truck keys from party guests when they arrive. 2. Breathalizer test: Have an informal designated sober person to administer a very funny and yet appropriate series of tests for inebriated guests to pass before they can leave. Example, hopping on one foot, then the other, reciting the alphabet backwards, blowing into a balloon. ETC. 3. Give each person a punch card that will get punched every time they have a beer or drink. 4. Have everyone bring a pair of jammies and a sleeping bag for overnight guests too drunk to go home. 5. Illicit activities? Not sure what's included here, but you better take a look at the ages of your guests. Anybody over 18 can be subject to arrest and prosecution for sexual contact with a minor. If you're serving alcohol to minors, then you have to know that your parents etc. can (and most likely will) be sued in the event someone has an accident etc. 6. Purchase a toilet seat cover and place it over a pail and put a sign called "The Porcelain God", in case anyone has to pray to it! 7. Plan for univited guests or guests that get drunk, high, and rowdy. Pick two of the beefiest guys you know and get them tee shirts that say "Bouncer" and put them to work. 8. Get a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher and be sure to put away all your precious items so that they don't get lifted or broken. 9. In your invitations, have a list of rules not to be broken and have everyone sign them as part of their RSVP. You can make them sound funny, but be sure to honor them. 10. Have fun! Have enough food to balance out the substances. Serve coffee and breakfast in the wee hours.
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Carlin Originally Answered: Does a house renter have to let a house owners daughter and her friends party in the house?
Holy Moly! No, you did not have to put up with this at all, when you pay your rent, it is an agreement that the property is considered yours to use, with all privacy accorded to a homeowner. In fact, *A landlord must give prior notice (typically 24 hours) before entering your premises and can normally only do so to make repairs or in case of an emergency.* (see reference) So, when the girl calls the next time, you may tell her no, you would prefer she did not come over, and not feel guilty about it. There are many places on the internet you can learn EXACTLY what the laws in your state are for renters rights, just go to google, or search engine of your choice, and type in your state and "renters rights".

Andrina Andrina
Maybe you can jump start my brain by suggesting a couple of rules you'd like to have and maybe then we can dress them up and we can build from there? I think I know what you're getting at - when my niece turned 16 I took a bunch of her friends to a hotel for the night and the approach we took was she asked them to all stay in the room -out of respect for HER... of course I gave them some room to be teens and then we had so much fun they wanted to stay in the room... do make sure your chaperons aren't too uptight! ooh can't help you there... All I can say at this point is be careful... as the host you will be held responsible for everything your guests do. I worked at a hotel where somene over 18 rented a room and had a toga party - we had to have about a dozen 16 - 18 year olds escorted off the property by the police -some to juvie, some to jail. Their parents were NOT happy. The worst was the person that had the fake ID that bought the alcohol... not only were the police involved NO one got their property back (incliding keys to daddy's porsche) until the party host came in and made arrangements to reimburse us for our damages.... Plus I have nieces your age and can't let myself give you advice on how to get in trouble. Sorry.
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Wil Wil
Your House is Ruled by Mercury You are optimistic and reassuring. You feel like it's important to always hope for the best. You're the type of person who's always been happy with who you are. You accept yourself, flaws and all. You roll with the punches. You try to keep things light and breezy. You can't help but be influenced by the world around you. You are open to change and growth.
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Sandford Sandford
This Site Might Help You. RE: What are some funny rules to have for a house party? i'm trying to make rules for a house party i'm going to have, but want them to be somewhat funny, so i don't come off as sounding like a killjoy or an as^hole. any and all suggestions are appreciated. and there may be some 'illicit activities' occurring, so if you'd like to...
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Naphtali Naphtali
No women can cross their legs (and then whatever punishment for breaking the rule, drink or w/e you are doing) no men can put their hands in their pockets (or whatever you notice they do a lot unconsciously)
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Naphtali Originally Answered: Parents stupid house rules?
Is there a reason why your parents are so overprotective? My gosh! Rule number 4 and number 8 aren't so bad, after all, you are only 15, but the rest are honestly hard to keep. Here are my suggestions: 1). Buy the censored version of all music. Most of the time censored versions of songs are available if the songs have swearing in them, so you should be able to listen to what you want without an adult this way. 2). Why is this a problem? Are they afraid that people who don't like the same team you do are going to beat you up? This one is strange, but fortunately not that hard to keep. Just don't buy football tops. If you really want to wear them out, just change into them at a friend's house or something and change back before going home. 3). I would ask your parents why they don't trust you on the internet. If you're a good kid, they should trust that you won't go on anything bad online without having to be over your shoulder or checking the history constantly. You're 15. When will they start trusting that you will make the right choices in life? They can't hold your hand your entire life, and you're going to have to learn to make the right choices on your own sometime. 4). This one is somewhat reasonable. 5). How do you have a social life? This rule is very strange. It's almost like they don't want you to have friends. This is another matter of trust. I would ask why they don't trust you with this. 6). You can't control what your friends do, period. Yes, you can choose good friends. It is possible to get mixed up with the wrong crowd, but swearing, honestly, is not the worst thing your friends could be doing. They could be smoking or doing drugs, which is much worse than swearing. Just make sure your friends don't swear around your parents or other family. If they swear when you're alone with them, who cares? 7). This one is not hard to keep. 8). This one is somewhat reasonable. 10 (you skipped 9 haha :) ). What is so wrong with Facebook? Facebook does not allow bad things on it. It is a way for you to keep in touch with your friends. This is yet another matter of trust. Math games? Is having fun on the computer not allowed? 11). Ok, this one is just dumb. I'm sorry, but you are not 2. You are 15. You can take care of yourself. Why are they only worried about you having an accident downstairs? You could just as easily have an accident upstairs. I don't get it. Your parents obviously love you a lot and want to keep you safe in every way possible. However, they are very overprotective in my opinion. They need to learn to trust you and let you make the right choices on your own. If they don't let you, you will never learn how to do that. Good luck with everything.

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