My cousin is opening a restaurant and he said I can help pick the menu(Going to help with the cooking)?

My cousin is opening a restaurant and he said I can help pick the menu(Going to help with the cooking)? Topic: How to create a good business plan
July 15, 2019 / By Divina
Question: What should we serve?Burgers,hot dogs, fries, onion rings, tater tots, chili, soup, grilled cheese and fried pies are a go. What else could we serve?Has to be cheap and easy to make(fast food).How about Tex-Mexican(heavy on the Tex)Tacos, bearitos, re fried beans and such.We have large Mexican comuadies in our area and one is close by.OH! If we add bearitos how do you make them?I know how they look but not how to cook them. He's running the business and said I could help with cooking and if I had any ideas about the food he was going to serve he was all ears.
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Best Answers: My cousin is opening a restaurant and he said I can help pick the menu(Going to help with the cooking)?

Carita Carita | 5 days ago
Good day country Joe... Your cousin needs to create a business plan and mission statement for the restaurant. * Look around the area and see what places are doing well and with what food. * Have something "special" about the restaurant that no-one has or is doing - like a signature dish. * Create the entire menu and recipes. * Check out food costs through the wholesale distribution companies * Create recipes, figure out food cost, consider "waste" * Figure out expenses,rent, electric, gas, water, payroll, grease trap removal and cleaning, basic maintenance on kitchen and front of the house. * Figure out collateral and loan * So, asking this question here is not going to really help, and the last thing you want is a copy and paste of a recipe. Once you've covered those bases, well then you will be a good point, but you need to stay focused. It's one thing knowing how to cook, it's another thing in running a restaurant. And remember 90% of all new restaurants if unsuccessful will shut down within 12-14 months. Good luck to you and your cousin. I wish you the best.
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Carita Originally Answered: Anyone know the restaurant in LA which can let customer do custom select on menu on computer?
well its not by computer but there this restaurant in Santa Monica called the counter (at 29th and Ocean park) where you are given a slip of paper and you check mark off what you want hamburger, turkey burger, garden burger what size, and all the condiments ,etc (you get to chose and the burgers delicious (its my favorite restaurants just be ware if you go at 12n there will a traffic jam inside the restaurant.

Andra Andra
uhhh yall don't sound that prepared for the mexican stuff if you dont know how to cook a burrito. Maybe you should just specialize in the american food! How about having rootbeer floats or something like that to go with the burgers? Or milkshakes? You could have more stuff like fried pickles or jalepeno poppers and cheese sticks.
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Wesley Wesley
Sounds to me like you and your cousin are failures waiting to happen. You don't just pick a menu. You have to target your market and have a business plan and an original concept. Since you don't even know how to spell burritos and have no clue how to make them, I seriously doubt you would succeed in catering to the Latino communities.
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Sammie Sammie
How about some low carb plates or entrees? I go to places where one of the options is Chef Salads with low carb count or fruit/meat salads.
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Sammie Originally Answered: What are the steps in opening your own bar and restaurant in Va?
We have been in the restaurant business for many years now. And my advice to you is to 1. See if the demand is out there.ex. write a letter to editor in town paper, asking the community if they would like to have a restaurant/bar open in the area. Mention what you want to do, what you will have on the menu, hours, etc. Give them an email address where they can tell you their comments. 2. Once you see the demand is out there, take the next steps, develop a menu, basic idea of hours, work that will need to be done to get the place going. 3. Getting a liquor license is easy. You have to be legal age of course, no felonies or anything like that in your background. There is usually a fee. Nothing much. We had no problem at all getting a license. 4. You will need to talk to your state government about getting a license to open the place. Sales tax license, and a restaurant license.There are fees for those too. Once the the details of the bar is in order you are on your way to success. Running a bar/restaurant is A LOT of work. You have to figure out how many employees you will need ( my advise to you, is to be there at all times-only you truly cares what goes on at your place), you will need to adveritise a lot at first to get the word out that you are open. And only sign a lease for 6 months, maybe a year at a time, so you can always have the option, if it doesn't work out or you decide it's not for you, you can leave. You are in for a lot of work, sacrifies, tears and maybe the best decision of your life. Just do a lot of research. And don't be afraid to ask questions. And see what people want, and listen to what they have to say, because they will be the ones supporting you. I wish you all the luck in the world!! If you have any questions you can email me @ [email protected]

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