What can I do if Aaron's Store Manager is using ethnic slurs towards me every time I go into the store?

What can I do if Aaron's Store Manager is using ethnic slurs towards me every time I go into the store? Topic: How to write a formal complaint
July 15, 2019 / By Diot
Question: Wanted to rent/buy some couches from Aaron's since me and my wife just moved to a new city. Everything was fine until the manager sent me and my wife into a back room to discuss the details of the lease. My name is a Russian name and yes my parents are Russian but I'm an American citizen and I'm used to a joke here and there regarding my Russian blood. The manager told me they don't take "communist money", he referred to me as "their enemies"....but then he went overboard by asking my wife how she felt being married to a Russian...that to me was offensive and I told him don't ask her that...and he said calm down Stalin.....Keep in mind this was the Store Manager and whenever I go in to make a payment he refers to me as "the Russian or the communist"...it's getting pretty old now and my last payment I came in recording the audio with my phone and he referred to me again as the communist...enough is enough.....what do I do? can I sue Aaron's?
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Carissa Carissa | 4 days ago
He has a boss somewhere. Probably a district manager in a corporate office. I would file a formal written complaint with them.
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Carissa Originally Answered: Resolving conflict as a store manager?
As the manager; ask her to come into the office and discuss it. Find out what the problem is; if she's being abused by one of your employees, ask her to make a written statement, and try to find any witnesses. Do the same for the employee in question (obviously not at the same time) and compare the two accounts. If it's clear that she WAS being abused and insulted, you should take action against the employee; depending on the nature and seriousness of the abuse, that can range from a verbal warning, to mandatory diversity training, to terminating his employment.

Andi Andi
Personally, I'd wait until the time he makes such a comment, at which point I would loudly say, for everyone in the store to hear "that is insulting" and start storming out. I'll bet he'd come running after me with an apology before I got out the door. If you don't like that approach, you could try calmly explaining that you feel insulted and would like him to refrain from further comments, or you could write to his corporate headquarters and insist that they investigate and give you an appropriate written apology. You could sue, but that could take years and even if you could find an attorney who'd take the case without a large retainer up front, what is a verbal insult worth? Now if you can prove that he discriminated in lending, that would be another matter.
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Wendel Wendel
Return the couches and pay off any remaining balance on your contract and never do business with them again. Leave online reviews on every website you can find telling other potential customers how you were treated. Contact a local news agency and ask if they'd do a story on this. They might arrange for you to wear a hidden camera next time you go in and it would make a great story for them.
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Sam Sam
How is he supposed to know that he offended you if you never told him to stop? Your lawsuit just flew out the window. Tell him to stop!!! I've noticed that a lot of these furniture stores have employees that go far overboard in being friendly to customers. You've just got to stand your ground. Also, can you make payments online instead of going directly to the store?
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Murty Murty
See if you can find question/complaint # for the store. (they will often have those on the side of a product). If no progress, ask to see the managers boss or something, try and talk to someone higher up that can talk to him or fore him.
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Murty Originally Answered: What do you do when even the manager of a store doesn't take your complaints seriously?
Wow, that's insane. A manager should always put customer satisfaction first. And yes, there usually is a higer up than the manager, that would be the owner of the store itself. Unless the manager is also the owner, but that only happens in a few cases. So next time you call/visit the store, ask for the owner of the store, and if they don't do anything about it, then just don't worry about them. If they're not willing to make their customers happy, then they don't need any customers. Post bad reviews about the stores, tell people to not go there, etc.. Give them a bad reputation. Once they start losing customers, maybe they'll change their ways.

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