Other ways of saying and?

Other ways of saying and? Topic: How to writing a good paragraph lesson
July 21, 2019 / By Dindrane
Question: I'm writing a novel and I've been noticing that I've been using the word and too much. althought I never noticed, nor any of my friends so I guess that's good. (40 pages and almost 400 ands!) Is there any other words I can use instead of and? Here's a sample paragraph. I threw my arms in the air and shouted, “Excellent! Then it would appear that we have a deal!” He proceeded to walk behind the counter and ducked, the sound of opening and closing drawers could be heard as he whispered a bunch of gibberish."
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Caris Caris | 3 days ago
You could start that sample this way, "I threw my arms in the air, shouting, 'Excellent!'" The use of a comma suggests a closer relationship between the action and the words, By the way, the next sentence is badly structured in a way that doesn't really involve the word "and." The problem is that the word "proceeded" doesn't really fit with the past tense of "ducked" soon after. It would flow naturally if it said, "He proceeded to walk behind the counter and duck...." Or you can get rid of "proceeded" and make BOTH of the subsequent verbs past tense. "He then walked behind the counter and ducked...."
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Andee Andee
I would just reword your paragraphs. For example I would write: He proceeded to duck behind the counter.
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